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Yellowtail Snapper: Fishing The Florida Keys For Yellowtail

Yellowtail Snapper: Fishing The Florida Keys For Yellowtail

One of my favorite types of fishing is for yellowtail snapper. Yellowtail snappers are some of the best eating fish you can catch. Catching them is fun because often times you chum them off of the reef. When they start biting usually you will fill a cooler full. Yellowtail snapper provides a boat full of fun and can be an excellent way to entertain a family on a fishing trip
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Marsh Fishing: How to be successful

Marsh Fishing: How To Be Successful

Fishing the salt marshes can make for some of the best inshore fishing anglers will experience. Great for targeting game fish like redfish, black drum, flounder and speckled sea trout.
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Cobia Fishing: Tips and Tricks for the everyday fisherman

Tips and Tactics for Cobia Fishing

Cobia can be found in the Gulf and Atlantic waters. Cobia are a highly sought after game fish with an excellent fighting ability and excellent table fare. Anglers from Texas to Massachusetts head out in search of these prized offshore fish.
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Inshore Fishing: How to fish artificial crabs

Inshore Fishing: How To Fish Artificial Crabs Successfully

Artificial Crabs For Inshore Fishing Yields The Ultimate Fish There is nothing more enjoyable then inshore fishing. Targeting inshore fish is always a challenge that is rewarding when you land a moose trout or bull redfish. Most inshore species of fish, like...

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