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Flair Hawk Jig

The Flair Hawk Jig Is the Ultimate Snook Jig For Catching Bigger Snooks On Your Next Fishing Trip

The flair hawk jig is the best jigs for snook on the market nowadays. Anglers use flair hawk jigs for fishing around bridges, passes, and inlets to target snook, tarpon, and other species that will strike. The combination of the flair jig skirt in the water will give off the appearance of a passing baitfish. Knowing the right color and size of flair jigs will helo you with fishing a flair hawk jig.

What Are The Best Flair Hawk Snook Jig Colors?

There are many different styles and colors of snook jigs on the market. Finding the best color for what snooks are eating can be a challenge. Multiple factors will influence what colors you chose. One thing that will help determine the color you choose is the water clarity you are fishing. When the water is clear on incoming tides, use natural colors. It will be best to use white or blue skirts to give off a more natural-looking presence in the water. When the water is cloudy or dirty, chose to use a more flashy color like red or chartreuse. These flashy colors are great for grabbing the snook's attention and provoking a reaction strike.

What Size Flair Jigs Are The Best Jigs For Snook

Flair hawk jigs are available in several different sizes. The weights range from an ounce up to 3 ounces. What size weight your snook jig comes in depends on the water depth and current you will be fishing them. In conditions like under bridges, you will want heavier weighted flair jigs because of strong currents and deeper water depths. The most common weight is 2oz, but you will find die-hard snook anglers with multiple-size flair hawk jigs when targeting snook.


How To Use A Flair Hawk Jig

One of the best things about snook fishing with flair hawk jigs is its easy use. You want to make sure that you are using enough weight to get your jig to the bottom in areas with heavy currents or deep depths. The fish will be on the bottom, so you want to make sure your snook jig can reach it. Jig it off the bottom like any bucktail jig and watch how many strikes you get. You will catch snook and tarpon for sure, but do not be surprised when redfish and other predatory fish strike them. 

Knowing the right color and size of flair jig can make all the difference. Knowing how to use a flair hawk jig correctly will result in more strikes and more hookups. Make sure you use the best flair hawk jig on the market when snook fishing on your next fishing trip.



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