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Redfish State Records On Hunting and Fishing Depot

Redfish State Records

Redfish State Records That You Could Break

Every Redfish Record From Every State

One of the best inshore species anglers often target are redfish. Redfish are known for their aggressive hits, killer fights and how good their meat tastes. They are easy to fish for with both artificial and live bait. Bull reds get large usually greater than 40+ inches and can weigh upwards of 30 to 40 pounds. Every now and then there is one that will get huge. It is because of this I love to fish. I am always on the quest to find that next monster bull redfish.

Every state keeps records of the largest redfish ever caught. Some of these redfish state records have not been broken in a long time. After you see these records it will blow your mind how big some of these fish are in comparison to the normal reds you catch everyday. It is your job and duty to get out there and fish to try to break these amazing redfish state records. Let's take a closer look at the redfish that have made the record books.

Record-Setting Redfish From Every State

Alabama Redfish Record: 

Alabama Redfish State Record

Al Mead With His Record Red (Photo Credit:

The Alabama redfish state record was captured by Al Mead of Theodore, Alabama on July 19th, 2013 during the 80th Alabama Deep Sea Fishing Rodeo. This red drum weighed in at 45 pounds 9 ounces. Catching a big red in a tournament is a great thing, landing a record red is something that may never be done again. 

Connecticut Redfish Record:

Connecticut Redfish State Record

Redfish State Record In Connecticut

(Photo Credit:

One of the smallest state records for redfish comes out of Connecticut. Redfish are not often found in these cold waters, but if you fish the right times of the year you may just get lucky. This record was set on July 5th, 2016 by Joe Diorio of Saybrook, Connecticut. This record red weighed in at 19.8 pounds, with a length of 38.5-inches and a girth of 21-inches. This may not sound like a large fish down south, but this was truly a huge redfish for these waters.

Delaware Redfish Record:

The redfish state record for Delaware is one that has withstood the test of time. This is a record that will not be broken for a long time. On June 15, 1975, James Vandetti of Dover, Delaware caught the fish he will never forget. He landed a 75-pound monster bull red.

Florida Redfish Record: 

Florida Redfish State Record

Florida Redfish State Record (Photo Credit:

Being from Florida, I know there are a ton of monster redfish caught every year. There has never been a fish caught like this before in Florida. Capt. Billy Rotne and Tom Olivo were fishing in Mosquito Lagoon. Little did they know, they would get the biggest bull red to eat a half a blue crab. This redfish weighed in at a whopping 60.75lbs. It measured in at a length of 54 inches and a girth of 30 inches. This is what you call a monster redfish. This shattered the Florida record by 8 pounds. This fish was successfully released to be caught another day.

Georgia Redfish Record:

In my opinion, this is a record I would have thought had been broken by now. The Georgia redfish record was landed back in 1986 by Richard Price. His colossal redfish weighed in at 47 pounds 7 ounces. It has been a record for 32 years and will not be broken until that monster redfish is landed in Georgia. 

Louisiana Redfish Record: 

David Webber caught his massive record-breaking redfish back in June 1992. To this day it has not been broken. There have been a few non-confirmed competition, but nothing that has been registered and approved. David's redfish weighed in at 61 pounds. It was caught south of Cocodrie. This was a true bayou monster.

Mississippi Redfish Record

Alabama Redfish State Record

Antonio Rubio With His 52lb 4.2oz Redfish (Photo Credit: Clarion Ledger)

The Mississippi redfish state record is one that has happened quite recently. In May 2016, Antonio Rubio from Bay Minette Alabama smashed the previous record that stood for 46 years. He managed to land a 52 pound 4.2-ounce redfish that was a monster. He beat the previous record by 8 pounds. This was truly a fish of a lifetime.

North Carolina Redfish Record:

Redfish United Stated Record

World Record Redfish From NC (Photo Credit: Sportfishing Mag)

If you ever get a chance to visit the museum of natural history in Raleigh, North Carolina you will see a replica of the world record redfish. This massive red was caught on November 7th, 1984 by David Deuel of Avon, NC. This once in a century fish was 60 inches long and weighed an outstanding  94 pounds 2 ounces. This red shattered all world record and has been the largest ever caught 35 years later. There is a common theme for large redfish caught in North Carolina. 10 of the 16 biggest redfish ever caught by anglers were caught in NC.

New Jersey Redfish Record:

The New Jersey redfish state record is no small fish. This massive red drum weighed in at 55 pounds. This red was caught by Daniel Yanino in Great Bay, New Jersey. This fish has been the NJ state record for 33 years and doesn't seem to be threatened to be broken anytime soon.

South Carolina Redfish Record:

 South Carolina is not far behind North Carolina with its redfish state record weighing in at 75 pounds. This huge red was caught near Murrell's Inlet in 1965. The lucky angler to land this fish was A.J. Taylor from Conway, SC. I can only imagine the fight this beast would have caused. This record has stood for 53 years and may never be broken.

Texas Redfish Record

Texas Redfish Record

Texas Redfish Record (Photo Credit:

The old saying is "everything is bigger in Texas". Well, that may be true about the redfish state record. The beast weighed in at 59.5 pounds and had a length of 54.25 inches. The angler who caught this drum was Artie Longron on Jan 30, 2000, while fishing in the Gulf of Mexico.

Virginia Redfish Record 

Potential Redfish record Caught In Virginia

Potential Virginia Redfish Record Fish (Photo Credit: GearJunkie)

This may be one of the most impressive redfish records on the list. On May 14th, 2018, John Choi landed a 53-pound redfish on a fly near the Virginia shores or eastern Virginia. This is a monster to catch on a fly.

Every angler who fishes inshore can only dream about catching a monster redfish like these record fish. It is encouraged to get out there and try to break one of these state records and land your personal best red. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at We would love to hear your near record monster redfish experiences. We would also love to see all of your bull red catches so make sure you send us all your great catches to be featured on our social media pages. Make sure to check out our Redfish Species page for other great redfish blogs. Find informative information on fishing for bull reds this fall, beginners guide for catching redfish, and amazing redfish recipes. Don't forget to get stocked with our redfish jigs and lures for your next fishing trip. Now get out there and smash your redfish state records today!

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