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Tungsten Weights

Tungsten Weights Are The Lead Fishing Weights Alternative

Tungsten Weights are perfect for most anglers. Every angler needs a fishing weight to help fish at certain depths. Lead is no longer the answer due to its damaging effects it has on the environment. Now days, fishing fishing weights are made from lead alternatives like tungsten making the ultra tough and super strong yet sensitive. Tungsten weights are made for withstanding the elements you will be fishing. no matter if you are a professional angler or a beginner, it is your duty to protect the environment and keep your waterways clean.

Tungsten Weights Are RIGHT For All Environments

On the market now days there seems to be an endless amount of companies providing tungsten weights. They all claim their weights are best and create a problem for anglers when choosing. There are many different styles of tungsten weights that provide ultimate performance depending on there type of fishing you are doing. The different styles include flipping weights for punching through heavy terrain , worm weights for bass fishing the banks, and many more for different environments. Fish with the tungsten wights for sensitivity and start catching more fish.

Choosing The Right Amount of Tungsten Weight

Choosing how much weight you will fish with is an anglers preference. Tungsten weights are a lot smaller than traditional lead weights. This will help them not take up as much space in your tackle box. There are plenty of options in tungsten weights so finding the perfect balance to match conditions and every angler fishing on your next fishing trip is our goal.



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