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  • Skittles Octopus Lure Skirt
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    Skittles Octopus Lure Skirt

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    The Skittles Replacement Octopus Skirt is for Offshore Trolling Lures and Baits Skittles Lure Skirt Specs Offshore Replacement Skirt Octopus St...

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    from $ 2.99
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Lure Skirts & Replacement Skirts

Lure Replacement Skirts For Your Offshore Trolling Lures

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we have an extensive line of replacement lure skirts that are perfect for outfitting any of your trolling lures. We have some of the best-manufactured skirts on the market today. We feature a huge selection of colors that will entice the fish to strike. We have two different kinds of lure skirts, cone skirts, and octopus skirts. Our skirts are tough and resistant to splitting. You will find our skirts swimming like the real thing and help bring your lure and spread to life.

Our replacement skirts come in three different sizes from 8.5" to 14.5". We want to help you keep your trolling lures in top condition and ready to catch fish. This is why we offer such high-quality replacement lure skirts. No matter what color combo you outfit your marlin or wahoo lures with, we are guaranteed to have what you need. Start using the best that is easy to work with and at affordable prices.

***We have had requests for bulk orders, simply email us at and let us know the color, quantity, and email you want us to send an invoice.***

Get your lure replacement skirts today and be ready for your next offshore fishing trip.