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Swim Jigs

Swim Jigs Are Effective and Deadly When Fishing Near Active Fish

Swim jigs have are one of the go-to lures of many anglers when fishing near active fish. When fish are feeding on baitfish using a swim jig will provoke a reaction strike. The best swim jig has a jig head shape that is perfect for navigating through cover and other kinds of aquatic grass. Swim jigs are a skirted jig head that pairs perfectly with a swimbait or trailer plastic. 

Why We Only Carry The Best Swim Jigs

When it comes to having the best swim jigs on the market, we want a lure that catches fish and holds up to a strike. We have crafted our swim jigs with perfection from the best materials on the market. They feature a jig head that is designed to cut through the water and features 3D eyes to help attract fish and promote a reaction strike. They have a skirt that silicone skirt that features the perfect colors to attract fish. They are designed to swim with subtle action and present like a fleeing baitfish. It is these reasons you should fish a swim jig on your next fishing trip.

How To Fish A Swim Jig

One of the reasons many anglers chose to fish a swim jig is because of the motion they make in the water. The skirt darting through the water is known to give the subtle vibrations  needed to attract predatory fish to baitfish. They are easy to fish when the fish are feeding. The cast and retrieval method is the best means for how to fish them. Tipping them with a trailer will help add motion to the already subtle action they provide in the water.

Most Realistic Swim Jig

Many anglers what is the difference between the conventional casting jig and a swim jig. The only difference is the shape of the jig head. Swim jigs always have a pointed nose like a baitfish and often have some sort of 3D eyes. They come with a verticle line tie that is designed to help them swim through the water more fluently. Our swim jigs are carfully designed so the jig head weight is balanced toward the bottom to help make it swim more upright. The point it to make it look more like a a baitfish with realistic features and colors. 

If you are wanting the best swim jig on the market then check out our full line of swim jigs perfect for any fishing conditions.



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