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  • Salt 4000 Spinning Reel - Canyon Reels
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    Canyon Reels

    Salt 4000 Spinning Reel

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    Salt 4000 Spinning Reel From Canyon Reels Is Perfect For Inshore Fishing The Salt 4000 spinning reel from canyon reels adds yet another compa...

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    $ 209.99
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Spinning Reels

Best Spinning Reels For Fishing

Spinning reels are the premier choice of many anglers for the best type of fishing reels, both freshwater and saltwater fishing. Spinning reels are called open-faced reels or fixed-spool reels. They pair nicely with spinning reel rod and mount on the underside by using sliding rings or fixed reel seating depending on the rod. This type of reel is relatively easy to learn how to fish. One of the fears we have heard coming from new anglers is they can get their finger caught in it. They are crafted with a long stem that keeps the moving parts away from your fingers. Each spinning rod has a bail wire that rotates when reeling them. The bail allows for the fishing line to wrap around the spool and prevent unnecessary line tangles. If you have ever fished with a casting reel, then you are well aware of bird nesting them. Causing a birdnest is near impossible on a spinning reel. If you are using braid, there is always the chance of forming wind knots. Many spinning reels are lightweight and handle light tackle. Since the spool is stationary, casting and retrieving lightweight lures is easy. The drag system on these reels helps you catch your bigger fish. By keeping the drag loose, you can fight bigger fish longer and wear them out or tighten it down to turn a fish or tire them. The drag feature located on the top of the spool for easy access, easy adjustments can be made on the fly when a fish is hooked. Spinning reels come in a variety of different sizes and styles. The bigger the size, the more gear ratio they are for fighting fish. This means that for every turn of the handle, the spool will spin faster. This allows the angler to do less reeling when landing a fish.

Another great feature of spinning reels is the spool can be removed. All spools will come off the reel and allow an angler to either clean the reel properly or change to another spool. This is important because the elements of fishing will take a toll on your equipment. If you are fishing saltwater, this corrosion can be damaging to a reel and cause it to lock up. One great reason for having multiple spools is because you can keep different sizes of line on each. This will allow anglers to switch back and forth, depending on the type of fishing. This makes them one of the best saltwater reels.

At Hunting and Fishing Depot, we know how vital a good spinning reel is to anglers. This can be the difference between losing a fish and catching a new state record. We deal with only the best brands like Canyon Reels, Florida Fishing Products, and more.



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