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    Hobo Duck Calls

    Hobo Calls - Hunter

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    Many colors available.  At time of purchase we can produce a custom color scheme or send you a color that we have in stock.  Please Email us or ca...

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    $ 54.99
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Duck Calls

Duck Calls

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we know how important calling ducks is to a duck hunting trip. It can make the difference between calling in the whole flock or being passed over. We want every waterfowl hunter to find success this year with a great call. Shop our selection of acrylic and wood at hunting and fishing depot to be prepared for your next waterfowl hunt. Every call is different in how they were made and crafted, so find exactly what you are looking for. We offer a great selection of single reeds, double reeds and triple reeds to choose from. Find the perfect call to produce the best sounds from nasally quacks to loud hail calls. Maybe you swear by wooden duck calls. Check out our selection of wooden duck calls and acrylics from brands like Hobo Calls and GP Calls.


Single Reed Calls: The professional duck hunters will often always choose a single reed call. If you can get good enough with using a single reed, then you can mimic the sound of multiple ducks in the same calling period. Single reed calls are often louder and work better for long range mallard calling.

Double Reed Calls: One of the easiest methods to learn with is the double reed call. These generally can be learned with a little practice. They are often used as either a loud tone or soft tone. Changing pitches is always a challenge with a double reed and having the reeds stick together can be another problem on a cold day.

Triple Reed Calls: Triple-reeds usually need more back pressure to get all reeds moving. The more reeds, the more air is needed to create a duck sound. Most triple reed calls produce raspy and realistic sounds making it a great choice for beginners as well as intermediates. If you do not have the time to practice, try this type for low- and high-pitch sounds.

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