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Best Duck Hunting Hats To Own In 2019

Best Duck Hunting Hats To Own In 2019

Top 5 Duck Hunting Hats Every Waterfowl Hunter Needs

Pintail ECW Hat

Duck hunting hats are an essential piece of hunting gear when out in the duck blind. If you are like me then you almost feel naked without a hunting hat. Fortunately, the majority of companies make some type of duck hunting hat, so finding exactly what you want and need can be a challenge. There are 3 keys that go into a great duck hunting hat: Comfort, Durability, and Style. 

Comfort in a duck hunting hat is essential because of the hours you will put in out in the field. If a hat does not fit right it has the potential to give the waterfowl hunter migraines or could run you the wrong way. The first thing I look for in a hat when putting it on is the comfort.

Durability is the next essential piece that goes into a great duck hunting hat. Unfortunately, while duck hunting you will experience the most extreme weather on earth. A duck hunter will wear his hat through rain, snow, freezing temperatures, mud, water, dirt, and whatever else mother nature decides to throw at them. Every duck hunter wants a hat that will last the weather and survive multiple duck hunting trips. If a brand of duck hunting hats does not last then they aren't worth the money. 

The final thing ever sportsman wants in a duck hunting hat is style. These are many different styles on the market. The classic truck is the gold standard. Richarson makes one of the best hats out there which is why many companies chose to use them. What goes on the hat can be the difference between buying it and wearing it. You want to have the newest hat from the hottest brands in the duck hunting market. 

Duck Hunting Hats

Once you find the duck hunting hat that possesses all these qualities then you will know you have a great hunting hat in your arsenal. This one of a kind waterfowl hat will help to keep your head warm or the sun off your face. It is the first line of protection from the suns harmful UV rays for your face. There are thousands of different styles, camo patterns, colors and uses that duck hunting hats have. We have compiled a list of the best duck hunting hats on the market that should be in your closet. All hats listed have been work in the field and have proven to be better than the rest. Let Hunting and Fishing Depot take the unknown out of looking for a good hat. We want you outfitted with only the best for your next duck hunting adventure. 

Duck Hunting Hats For All Conditions

Duck Hunting Hat #1: The Ultimate Pintail Patch Trucker Hat From East Coast Waterfowl

Ultimate Pintail Patch Trucker From East Coast Waterfowl

Brown/Khaki Pintail Patch From East Coast Waterfowl

Hat Style: Trucker Hat 
Versatility: Great for the entire duck hunting season 
Patterns Available: Brown/Khaki, Max5, Old School Camo

East Coast Waterfowl has exploded onto the scene. They have created a line of hats that feature many of the duck species that waterfowl hunters love to target. Their pintail patch trucker hat is one of the best on the market. These hats are made on the reliable Richardson 112 trucker hats. It features their iconic logo with a one of a kind pintail. This is truly a duck hunting hat every waterfowl hunter needs. Priced at 28 dollars these hats will not break the bank. They are available in some unique and amazing colors: brown/khaki, Max5 and Old School Camo.

I find myself wearing my old school camo pintail hat all over town at different events or out on my weekend duck hunting trips. Made to last and with comfort in mind, East Coast Waterfowl had nailed a home run with this hat. 

Get your pintail patch trucker hat from East Coast Waterfowl today!

Duck Hunting Hat #2: The Sitka Trucker Hat 

The Sitka Trucker Hat

The Sitka Trucker Hat Is The Perfect Duck Hunting Hats

Hat Style: Trucker Hat 
Versatility: Great for the entire duck hunting season 
Patterns Available: Waterfowl Marsh and Waterfowl Timber 

Sitka may be one of the best companies in the camo business. They are known for their camo patterns and their apparel. Waterfowl hunters are not afraid to break the bank for some amazing Sitka gear. When Sitka came out with their trucker hat I figured it would be another overpriced Sitka product. Man, was I wrong? Comfortably priced at 30 dollars this one of a kind Sitka Trucker hat captures the beauty of camo that they have become so well known for. I have been using and abusing this hat and it still is going strong. Sitka makes some amazing product and this duck hunting hat is no different.

Make the Sitka trucker hat one you must own in 2019.

Duck Hunting Hat #3: The Classic Wing Collection From Fowl

Classic Wing Collection From Fowl

The Classic Wing Collection Brown/Khaki Hat From Fowl 

Hat Style: Trucker Hat 
Versatility: Great for the entire duck hunting season 
Patterns Available: Brown/Khaki 

You may think fowl is just another duck hunting hat company like all the rest. These guys are truly putting out some amazing hats. This classic wing mallard is a one of a kind hat that features the distinct marks on a mallard wing. The brown and khaki colors allow for you to wear it while out duck hunting to blend in with the late season browns of field hunting. This is a hat that will be noticed by your friends and will provide you with only comfort and durability while wearing. These hats are available for under 30 dollars!

Make sure to get your classic wing collection brown/khaki hat from Fowl.

Duck Hunting Hat #4: The Ultimate Mallard From HFD

The ultimate Mallard From HFD

The Ultimate Mallard From HFD 

Hat Style: Trucker Hat 
Versatility: Great for early season and late season duck hunting
Patterns Available: Heather Grey/Hunter Green, Tri-Colored, Khaki/Brown

How do you mix the art of casual and duck hunting? HFD has blended this nicely with their line of duck hunting hats that are perfect to wear anywhere. These hats fit extremely nice and look even better while wearing. The more you wear it it will preserve the form of the hat. Do not fear of sweating through it. The mesh backing of the trucker hat is made to allow air through for cool fit.

HFD did not spare any cost on these hats because the embroidery is done in the 3D puff embroidery. The mallard head really pops off of the hat. This is guaranteed to make people notice. Priced to move at $25 this is truly a great deal.

This is one hat that you will love, so make sure to get your ultimate mallard trucker hat from HFD today!

Duck Hunting Hat #5: Rig Em Right Camo Hat

Rig Em Right Camo Hat

The Rig Em Right Camo Hats

Hat Style: Trucker Hat 
Versatility: Great for any season of duck hunting
Patterns Available: Old school, Max5, Grey and Camo

One of the cheapest duck hunting hats on the market. At $16.99 a hat, I feel like they are practically giving them away. These hats feature some great camo patterns that hunters love. These hats are made to last and feature great craftsmanship. The perfect patch trucker hat that is affordable for all. This is another reason why this hat should be owned by everyone.

We hope that you will have our top 5 duck hunting hats in your arsenal in 2019. These hats will add to your comfort and style while in the duck blinds. If you have any questions, comments or concerns, please feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at We would love to see all your duck hunting photos in our best duck hunting hats. So get out there duck hunting this year and have the right duck hunting hat for success. 


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