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Monofilament Fishing Line

Monofilament Fishing Line is an all-around easy to use and gets the job done from experienced anglers to beginners. It is easy to tie and change lures on a fly with mono line. Monofilament fishing line is flexible and easy to cast. Its increased stretch and buoyancy make it one of the top choices for topwater fishing. You will not get the distance of a cast like braided fishing line but you can fish in almost any condition with mono. Your fishing knot tying will be better with monofilament giving you the much-needed confidence to land your next trophy fish. Mono is more stealthy in the water making it invisible to most fish. Feel your next bite with better shock strength provided from monofilament.

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we have a large selection of monofilament fishing lines from some of the best around. Find the right pound test of mono to fit all your fishing needs. Find the right colors you need to fish different waters for different species of fish. Find the right size spool to fit all your fishing needs. Shop with us and be prepared for your next fishing trip with the right monofilament fishing line.



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