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    Hobo Duck Calls

    Hobo Calls - Hunter

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    Many colors available.  At time of purchase we can produce a custom color scheme or send you a color that we have in stock.  Please Email us or ca...

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    $ 54.99
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Hobo Duck Calls

Hobo Duck Calls are world champion calls built in the heart of the Mississippi flyway. 

Kent, the owner of Hobo Duck Calls designs and hand builds custom reed calls that sound exactly like a hen Mallard.  Kent won the world champion duck calling competition for 3 years in a row and has been calling ducks in Arkansas since he was a little boy. Hobo Duck Calls produce some of the most realistic calls I have ever heard from a duck call.

Single Reed and Double Reed Duck Calls for Any Application

Hobo Duck Calls carries 8 different style calls that have unique and sometimes interchangeable applications for calling in ducks.  The polycarbonate design allows for better durability to shattering in cold weather as opposed to acrylic duck calls. All calls that are produced are tuned prior to shipping with the ability to be send in and repaired or retuned by Kent himself.  Check out all 8 styles for your best fit

Single Reed Calls

  • The Prime Meat- This Hobo call has the ability to scream as well as nasally whines of a hen mallard.  This call won the 2008 championship under Echo Calls. This call is HFDepots personal favorite.

  • Timber Single Reed- This quiet single reed duck call is perfect for flooded timber hunting when you want to be soft and sweet to coax green heads down.

  • Freight Train- This is the loudest call Hobo Calls makes.  This is a designed open water call and field call to track down migrators and running traffic.

  • Bipolar Single Reed- Similar to The Timber but slightly louder and great for windy days.

  • Hunter Single Reed- wood/polycarbonate with an echo insert used to win the 2007 championship. Similar to the Prime Meat with a wide range of decibels while maintaining clarity, but with a wood base to give it a different tone.

  • Old School- A small bore that is very quiet.  This is a very realistic sounding call prefect for shy birds and getting mallards to finish tight.

Double Reed Calls

  • ICU2- This double reeded call won the 2009 championship.  If you love blowing a double reed this call is for you.  The ICU2 has the ability to yell at passing mallards as well as get soft and raspy when they are close.  This is a fantastic call.
  • Timber Double Reed- Great for flooded timber.  The Timber is softer double reeded call that will land mallard and wont blow them out.
  • Bipolar Double Reed- Similar to the Timber double reed call but slightly louder with a different tone.  Great for windy days in the trees.
  • Hunter Double Reed- wood/polycarbonate with an echo insert and two reeds. Easier to blow than a single reed. Similar to the ICU2 with a wide range of sounds but a different tone due to the wood.

Triple Reed Calls

  • Tracer- Custom triple reed call that is very easy to blow and works good for beginner duck hunters.

Hobo Duck Calls has the perfect call for any type of hunter from the south Florida Mottled Duck swamp hunter to the west coast river Greenhead hunter and all flyways included.  The timber boys in the middle of the country is for where the original calls were designed and their success reflects just that.  Stop by and pick out a World Championship Hobo Duck call and land more ducks this season.



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