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GP Calls

GP Calls Is Changing The Duck Calls And Goose Calls Game!

GP Calls or better known as Grit Pack Calls was founded to bring you the best duck call and goose calls on the market. If you look up what grit means in the dictionary then you will see eactly why they were named Grit Pack Calls. Founded in Virginia out of their guide service Outdoor Action. Waterfowl hunting is not just a passion but a way of life.

They have tried to perfect the way they make their game calls. Each call is hand crafted and designed to give a specific call.

The Trickster: Is their Arkansas timber style and swamp call. This single reed call is perfect for a closing calling in ducks in the open waters, but it is perfect for calling in tight areas.

The Wood Splitter: Is the perfect call to mimic the sound of feeding wood ducks.

The True Grit: Is a single reed call that is designed for marsh or open water hunting.

The Nitty Gritty: Comes in a single or double reed version that is perfect for creating raspy tones. 

No matter what kind of duck hunting call you need, GP Calls is sure to deliver. They have perfect the single reed calls to produce some of the best tones and sounds generated by any call. They offer a variety of different colors that all of their calls comes in. Not only do they do a great job at duck calls but they also do goose calls as well.

The Big Hurt: Is a big tone call that all goose hunters will want when goose hunting.

So next time you are in the market for a new duck call or goose call, make sure you check out GP Calls at Hunting and Fishing Depot.



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