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REVIEW: East Coast Waterfowl Hunting Hats and more

REVIEW: East Coast Waterfowl Hunting Hats and more

East Coast Waterfowl Hunting Hats Are Changing The Waterfowl Game

From a circle of hunting enthusiasts, East Coast Waterfowl has been on the forefront of all things about waterfowl hunting. Having combined decades of duck hunting and other waterfowl experience, the people behind ECW know what it takes to do North Carolina duck hunting among other popular hunting areas within the country. Since then, they have grown a considerable fan base (95K+ followers in Instagram) and as a result, they expanded their product lines. They now have a wide variety of product lines outside of hunting hats and/or shirts. They now have headbands, beanies, decals and koozies, duck calls, duck totes, jackets, and license plates among others. Here on this review, we will be reviewing five of our favorite East Coast Waterfowls. We will look at why these are their best selling hats and why we would recommend these hats for any duck hunter.

Top 5 Hunting Hats From East Coast Waterfowl:

  1. Bottom Land Mallard Snap Back – a relatively new product in ECW’s product line that immediately became one of their best sellers, the Bottom Land Mallard Snap Back is a custom-made hat that mainly has camouflage colors which are perfect for hiding in the mud while aiming for waterfowl. This trucker hat blends well into any type and color of hunting apparel. Make this your next hat to own for your next duck hunting trip.Bottom land mallard trucker hat from East coast waterfowl
  2. 1958 Foam Rope Trucker Duck Stamp Snap Back - Another variant of East Coast Waterfowl, the 1958 Foam Rope Trucker Duck Stamp Snap Back is perfect for both hunting and for everyday use. This trucker cap is comfortable enough for everyday use, at the same time it can efficiently be used for waterfowl hunting as well. Its black color can still hide the wearer during hunting and at the same time perfectly matches any type of apparel for everyday use. This versatility of usage makes this hat one of ECW’s best sellers.1958 East Coast Waterfowl duck stamp hat
  3. Brown/Khaki Mesh 1974 Duck Stamp Patch – one of ECW’s brand Snap Back hats, this Brown/Khaki Mesh 1974 Duck Stamp Patch provides both comfort and purpose. Its Khaki / Brown color blends well with most types of grass lands, swamps or forests, which gives it good hiding performance on the hunter while hunting. Its stylish duck logo creates a statement of a true fowl hunter to the one who wears one. 1974 Duck Stamp Patch Snap Back
  4. Heather Grey/ Black Lab Hunting Dog Patch Snap Back – This one of a kind hunting hat features mans best friend, the lab hunting dog. The patch comes with the East Coast Waterfowl name with a couple of ducks and the dog. This is another type of Richardson 112 Snap back from ECW, this hat is sure to make heads turn to the one who wears it. This patch hat is a perfect fit for everyday use by all waterfowl hunters. No wonder this hat is also a best seller from ECW’s product line.Heather Grey/Black Lab Snap Back
  5. Old School Pintail Patch Snap Back – Old school doesn’t mean it is outdated, it just refers to the type of camo that comes with the hat. The Old School Pintail  Snap Back is sure to give all hunters an old school feel through its flying duck stamp design. Its camouflage base color gives enough blending to help in successful hunting for the wearer. This has been one of the best selling hats for East Coast Waterfowl and will continue to be because of how nice of a hat it is.

Old school camo pintail duck from east coast waterfowl

All five trucker hats featured are truly deserving of being best sellers. They exhibit ease of use, comfort, and effectiveness. We would recommend these hats to anyone and will always be wearing one on any of our next hunting trips. For more information on these awesome hunting hats, head on over to East Coast Waterfowls page on Hunting and Fishing Depot.
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