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Shady Rays Polarized Fishing Sunglasses

Polarized Fishing Sunglasses for Fishermen and Outdoorsmen

Next Generation Sunglasses: Shady Rays Polarized Sunglasses Changing The Sunglasses Game For Anglers And Hunters

There is something about redundant Facebook posts that are often shared and posted by either your friends or even from a sponsored source. Mostly being annoyed by them, I usually instinctively ignore them. But when I saw a seemingly normal sponsored Facebook advertisement about Shady Rays sunglasses, it made me stop and get interested. Upon checking the post further, right then and there, I admit that I became more curious and researched the company and its products further.

Shady Rays Skull with Polarized sunglasses
I then decided to try a pair (specifically: the Shady Rays Signature Series Infrared Ice Polarized glasses and a pair of their Shady Rays X Series Polarized sunglasses) out and eventually found a lot of things that are useful and are worthy of being shared with all of you.

Desirable aspects:

Every pair of sunglasses has desirable aspects that make them wanted by everyone. Shady Rays has mastered this with their sport frames catering to the hunting and fishing industry. The factors that most anglers or hunters look at are: price, replacement policy, polarized lenses and construction for durability. Let's take a more in depth look into each of these areas and determine is these glasses are worth buying.

The Price:

Shady Rays sunglasses prices range from $45 to $68, depending on the type of glasses you order. This price range is somewhat low when compared to similar brands which are almost double the price of others. So when buying Shady Rays sunglasses, it would seem you are paying half the price for the same type of sunglasses – we like to say, this is a steal of a deal!

Unique replacement policies:

It is somewhat mandatory for companies to have return / replacement policies on the products that they are selling. However, most companies do not stipulate that they will replace the product they sold to you if you happen to break it for various reasons. With Shady Rays, once their sunglasses get broken and you file a claim for replacement – right there and then, they will replace them with a new pair. That is how simple they are in satisfying customers and I have personally experienced their policy when they sent me a brand new pair of sunglasses after I broke my previous ones during a Fishing trip. They accommodate up to two replacements per pair of sunglasses bought which is actually quite fair. This idea is actually mind blowing, but they consider customer satisfaction perception and drive very important. This is one of the reasons I will always own a pair of shady rays.

Polarized lenses:

Polarized lenses are hard to come by if you want them cheap, and it’s almost essential to any pair of sunglasses for sun protection. With Shady Rays, polarized lenses are offered in all but two of their product lines and you won’t have to think about additional charges for them to be a polarized.

Social Responsibility:

Corporate social responsibility is slowly becoming the norm for companies nowadays and it’s a wonderful feeling to know that for every product you buy, a part of it will be able to help someone in need. For every pair of Shady Rays sunglasses sold, the company will donate 11 meals to the charity Feeding America. In this regard, you will be cool when you buy a pair of Shady Rays sunglasses, and you will be cooler because you have helped someone in need!


All of the Shady Rays sunglasses generally look sturdy – and they are actually quite sturdy. For adventurous types, these sunglasses will go along with you not minding the beating that they will experience during every extreme ride.

All in all, Shady Rays is an awesome brand that has awesome product lines. They have unique features that are not found on any other brand but are priced far lower than other brands as well. The replacement policy is brilliant and is a very welcome advantage to have that. What’s even better is that they are also socially responsible and extend a helping hand more than they need to. We recommend all anglers or hunters to get them a pair. If you don't believe us, then check them out yourself at!

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cleve lowe - January 16, 2020


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