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Broken Back Trout Lineup Cover Photo

The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider – A Detailed Review

When you go bass fishing, you want the best lures with you as support. In order to get the best out of the sport, you must be prepared with all the items required. Quality lures have been a huge help to bass fishing enthusiasts for years.

Over the passing time, the industry has improved the bass fish baits or lures that it has produced. Often known as swimbaits, these lures are designed with certain features that enhance the bass fishing sport. The swimbaits help catch more fish, made for easier use and management.

In today’s post, we will be reviewing one of the many swimbaits available on the market.

The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider

Broken Back Trout Holographic Trout

This swimbait is one of the trout gliders, which is often called trout swimbaits as well. The trout gliders are designed to make casting easy. These are also not small in size. And that is the ultimate benefit of the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider. Its main objective is to attract bigger bass fish, which is difficult to catch with the smaller trout gliders.


The lure appears big and has a slit right around the middle, which makes it one of the two-piece trout swimbaits. It resembles the bait fish for bass fish perfectly. If you are an expert at bass fishing, you will immediately notice that the lure is larger than normal and will be quite useful in catching bigger bass fish. The slit in the middle helps the trout glider to replicate the movement of the bait fish, which will heavily increase the chances of luring in the bass fish.

As far as the pattern is concerned, the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is available in 8 patterns. Different bass fishing experts have varying opinions on what is suitable for the sport. But it also depends on what kind of results and how quickly you want to achieve them.

The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is available in holographic striper, holographic rainbow, carp, kokanee, striper, two kinds of rainbow, and gizzard shad.

Broken Back Trout Patterns


The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider weighs 2.75 ounces and is 7 inches in length. It comes with two size-2 treble hooks. For many bass fishing experts, the specification may seem at odds with each other. Large trout gliders are usually considered to fall in the range of 8 to 12 inches and weigh around 8 full ounces. This is the beauty of the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider. It borders to the range for lengthy trout gliders while remaining sufficiently lightweight. This is what makes the casting and managing of the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider so much easier.

The Target Fish of the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider

The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is suitable for go bass fishing and lure in large mouth bass, spotted bass, small mouth bass, striped bass, pike, striper, and muskee. Due to its effective specifications, the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is actually applicable for any large predator fish. So when you buy this product, you are not limiting yourself to one kind of fish. This is quite useful if you are trying to save money by not buying different kinds of lure to catch varying types of large fish.

How Effective is the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider

Large Mouth Bass Caught On A Broken Back Trout Glider

You don’t want a good looking lure. You want a good looking lure that actually does its job. The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is quite effective in supporting your bass fishing hobbies. Its design is not just perfect for catching big fish but catch it in more numbers.

When you cast the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider, it sinks quite naturally into the water. It will maintain its upright position due to the hooks and does not tip over as you wait for it to reach the bottom.

In case you are not looking for going down all towards the bottom, the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider will glide at a fair speed. It can also do certain tricks like spinning and darting side to side in order to look luring to the fish you are trying to catch.

Now, the effectiveness of large trout gliders doesn't just end with how much and how big a fish you can catch with them. Ergonomics and storage options need to be convenient as well. The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider does not disappoint in this regard either.

Ergonomics wise, the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider can be easily used on a dedicated rod and reel. Now, you will have to choose what length will be most suitable for the nylon monofilament you will be using on the rod and reel.

Storage options don’t pose much problem despite the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider being long in length. Since it is not typically the actual length of large trout swimbaits, you can easily fit it in a storage box for those. These storage boxes can be easily carried in your tackle bags. The best thing is that the Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is not so heavy. So you don’t have to worry about exerting much energy when moving onto your spot for bass fishing.


Broken Back Trout Glider At The Dock

The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider may not be the perfect on the market when it comes to swimbaits. But those who are going for bass gashing and seeking to catch large fish in big numbers, then it does its job perfectly. It provides multiple features at a market competitive price. It is one of the most cost-effective options you can find when it comes to bass fishing with big bass. You pay once but get long-lasting features. The Broken Back Trout Swimbait Glider is not just great at its job but is durable. Therefore, you can use it over and over again for frequent bass fishing. It conveniently does not fall victim to water damage.

Tell us what you think in the comments.

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