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Top 3 Rigs For Bass Fishing With Soft Plastic Swimbaits

Top 3 Rigs For Bass Fishing With Soft Plastic Swimbaits

Try Our Top 3 Ways For Fishing Soft Swimbaits On Your Next Bass Fishing Trip

One of the best ways to be successful at bass fishing is by using soft swimbaits. Knowing how they cover the water column and work in different terrain can be the difference of catching largemouth bass or catching grass. The rigging is the most important part because this ultimately affects the presentation of the bait. One of the best soft swimbaits that bass anglers use on a daily basis is the paddletail swimbait. These bass baits can be rigged in several different ways that will compliment the type of fishing you are doing. The key to this is the type of jighead you are using. With certain jigs the paddletail soft plastic will fall vertically landing on its head. There are swimbait jigs that keep it swimming horizontally or you can rig them to be completely weedless for fishing around brush. No matter the type of bass fishing you love to do there is a jig and a rigging style you will grow to love.

Our Top 3 Rigs For Catching Bass While Using Soft Swimbaits

1) Rigging Method For Swimbaits: Weighted Hooks

Weighted Swimbait Hooks

Weighted Swimbait Hooks ( Photo Credit: )

The weighted swimbait hooks are the perfect hook for rigging your soft plastic swimbaits. These weighted hooks come with a lead with that is molded on the hook and a screw lock on the hook eye to attach your soft plastics . These hooks are perfect for fishing your swimbaits and giving them the horizontal motion in the water. They come in different sizes and weights perfect for fishing at different depths. The weighted swimbait hooks allow for anglers to make their rig weedless which allows for them to be fishing anywhere. Because of the strategic placement of the weight, it allows for a more natural motion in the water when swimming. This rigging type is perfect for fishing around docks or heavy structure because of its weedless profile. Maybe your and angler who doesnt like to fish with heavy weighted hooks, that ok because the swimbait hooks are available without the weight too.

2) Rigging Method For Swimbaits: Jigheads

Jigheads for swimbaits 

Jigheads for swimbaits ( Photo Credit: )

One of the best way for rigging your soft swimbaits is with jigheads. Bass jigs come in a variety of different shapes and sizes. They can vary in weight from the lightest 3/32oz all the way up to 1oz depending on the style of the jig. The lighter the weight of the jig the higher in the water column the jig will ride. The heavier the weight of the jig the more it will be used for bouncing off the bottom. One of the best reasons for fishing with jigheads is to way they move in the water. By keeping a natural swimming motion it allows for bass anglers to be able to vertical jigging which adds a movement that bass can not resist. 

3) Rigging Method For Swimbaits: Line Through 

Line Through Treble ( Photo Credit: )

Our last go to method for rigging your soft plastic swimbaits is the line through technique. Its a very simple yet effective method for bass fishing with soft swimbaits. Simply feed your line through the swimbait body through a tube. Once it passes through tie it to a treble hook and pull it tight. On hook set the hook comes free and allows for the angler to battle the fish freely. This is one of the ways many trophy bass have been caught. One thing you must remember this is an open water technique and you must avoid grass or debris that could cause hang ups.

Knowing the right way to rig your soft swimbaits will help you catch more bass. Depending on where you are fishing and the terrain the right soft plastic rigging could be critical to be successful. If you have any questions or concerns, then leave a comment below or email us at If you have other rigging techniques for soft swimbaits, please share with the community. Send us all your bass fishing pictures to be featured on our social media page. By knowing these bass fishing rigs for swimbaits, it will only make you a better bass angler and increase your chances of catching the next monster bass. 

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