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Ned Rigs For Dummies: Finesse Bass Fishing Tips

Ned Rigs For Dummies: Finesse Bass Fishing Tips

Fishing Ned Rigs: Tips For The Average Angler

Ned Rigs is a chunk plastic bait 3-5 inches long slid onto a finesse 1/16-1/4 jig head. Originating in the midwest, the Ned Rig has become a staple for consistently catching Largemouth Bass. Different style plastics can be used with the Ned depending on the primary sources of food for the bass.  The ability to have a stealthy quiet finesse approach with the Ned Rig allows for some epic days and large fish.

Ned Rigs For Bass Fishing

Ned Rigs ready for bass fishing (Photo Credit:


Rigging is simple as sliding the plastic of choice onto the jig head and tying the jig onto the line.  Any basic knot will work, but some of my favorites are the loop knot and Palomar.
The Ned Rig can be used to fish any situation from timber to docks, to rocky points.  Anywhere a bass may hang out for ambushing prey will prove useful.  Ned Rigs are straightforward to use. Cast the ned where you believe a fish is.  Let the ned sink and watch the line.  As the ned falls watch the line closely because fish hit on the fall.  You'll see the line pop a fish hits it.  Or, the Ned Rig will fall to the bottom.  You always want to fish the Ned Rig with a loose slackline.  Picking up and dragging along the bottom.  When the fish hits a lot of the time, you'll feel and see the line jump.  The EWG Ned rig is designed for big hook sets with the extra-wide gap.  Note: A lot of times when fishing the Ned, you won't see or feel a bite, and the fish will just be on there, so don't let your guard down.


Catching Bass On a Ned Rig

Bass on a Ned Rig. (Photo Credit: Bass Master)


Many different types of Ned Rigs are available depending on location, water depth, and type of structure.  EWG Ned Rigs are designed to hook the fish better than small gaps.  Small gaps have a smaller profile, and some believe the Original Ned will get more bites.  The standup EWG Ned is a favorite and gets more bites while on the bottom due to the tail raised above the bottom. The weedless NED Rig is great for grassy ponds and lakes or even heavy cover such as trees.  
The NED Rig can be used to catch Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass, Smallmouth Bass, and many other species.  They also work for saltwater applications.  The Ned Rigs will catch bass in any state and any body of water. Just choose the colors and styles that work in your area.
All bass anglers should be fishing ned rigs nowadays. It is a new finesse type of bass fishing that always produces largemouth bass. If you have any questions or concerns, then leave a comment below or email us at Maybe you have other ned rig tips; please share them with the community by commenting below. Send us all your bass fishing or ned rig pictures to be featured on our social media pages. Fishing with ned rigs will help you catch more fish and potentially help you catch your next monster bass.
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