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Four Bass Lures That Work In Both Freshwater and Saltwater

4 Bass Lures That Will Catch Other Fish Both Freshwater & Saltwater

When fishing lures genuinely, they generally have one particular species in mind. If you make a bass lure then your aware that it will catch bass, but are their other potentials for catching different species. 

Can you throw a bass lure in saltwater and catch vice and vice versa?

The better the lure is when a designer can create it for multiple species and multiple functions. Generally, lures are marketed towards a specific species but trying them out for other species can yield a cooler full of fish. We have narrowed down our search for lures that cross over into multiple species or can be fished in both freshwater and saltwater.

Let's take a more in-depth look at four lures that crossover from the bass world into catching other species of fish.

Bass Lure Crossover #1: Broken Back Trout

Broken Back Trout | Trout Glider

Broken Back Trout In Multiple Colors

The broken back trout is the ultimate swimbait. These are some of the most realistic trout patterns on the market. They come in a variety of sizes from 7" to 5". They possess a lifelike motion in the water that will entice any bass nearby. These are ultimately fun to fish with because of the movement they produce in the water. The beauty of these swimbait trout gliders is they can be used to catch other species. I have caught crappie, pike, smallmouth bass, and other species. I have also been able to fish them in saltwater and have caught a limit of speckled sea trout when they are schooling. This glide bait is truly a crossover. Fish it for bass and get more hits but do not be surprised when you catch something other than a bass.

Bass Lure Crossover #2: Football Bass Jigs

Bass Jigs | Flounder Jigs

Our Bass Jigs Are Perfect For Both Freshwater and Saltwater Fishing 

One of the best bass jigs is the football jig. Place your favorite plastic on it and watch it come to life in the water. The vertical jigging movement of the swing jig will give your presentation the ultimate motion needed to cause a largemouth bass to strike. Each bass jig is equipped with a Kahle hook that is perfect for your soft plastics. Using the football bass jigs will help you punch through weeds and grass and give you enough support to fish around structure without fearing of hangups. One of the great things about fishing with the bass jigs is you can catch a multitude of other species like crappie, smallmouth bass, perch, and other freshwater species. This particular jig crosses over into the saltwater world well and is one of our go-to lures for flounder. This presentation is irresistible to flounder when they see the flounder jig bouncing across the bottom. The football bass jigs is an exceptional jig head most anglers should have in their tackle box no matter if you fish freshwater or saltwater.

Bass Lure Crossover #3: Stand Up Jigs

Stand up Jigs: Ned Rig

The Stand Up Jigs: Ned Rigs ( Bass Jigs)

One of the best lures on the market is the stand up jig NED rigs. This designed jig comes weedless, and when paired with your favorite soft plastic becomes a deadly combination. These jigs are perfect for punching through weeds and will fall vertical almost every time. Bass cannot resist the presentation and with a 3D eye will strike virtually any time. These stand up jigs will work well in the freshwater world. Be prepared to catch smallmouth, perch, crappie, and other freshwater drum species. One of the exciting things about the stand up jigs ned rig is its potential in saltwater. This will be the next hottest flounder lure on the market. By removing the weed guard it turns into the ultimate flounder jigs. Bumping these across a muddy bottom with your soft plastic remaining upright. There is excellent potential in both the saltwater and freshwater world with the ultimate stand up jigs.

Bass Lure Crossover #4: Buckeye Jigs

Buckeye Jigs: Bass Jigs Perfect For Freshwater Or Saltwater

The Buckeye Jigs Perfect For Both Freshwater and Saltwater 

The buckeye jigs were initially made for the saltwater world to give the presentation of a baitfish in the water with its big eye. They feature a two-prong bait holding system that will hold your soft plastics in even the roughest of situations. These jigs have made their way into the bass world and have transitioned well. We have taken a spin on the big eye jigs by converting them to a bucktail jig. The bass loves the big eye bucktail jigs. The number of hits and hookups will increase when fishing with these fantastic jigs. You will catch species other than bass like giant sunfish, crappy, white bass, small mouths, and other freshwater species. Taking this back into the saltwater world makes them a deadly lure for both trout and redfish. This one of a kind buckeye jigs will only help you catch more fish.

We hope you have some of these awesome lures in your tackle box. Having these crossover bass lures will only help you catch more fish and ultimately help you fill a limit. If you have any questions please email us at or feel free to leave a comment below. We want to see the largemouth bass you have caught so send us your bass pictures to be featured on all of our social media pages. Maybe you are like me and want to increase the amount of fish caught on any given fishing trip then check out these four lures today. Do not just take our word for it; try them yourself. If you like to fish both freshwater and saltwater then make sure you are fishing these jigs and lures. We are confident these lures will help you catch your next trophy bass or even trophy flounder. So get out there and get fishing with the ultimate crossover bass lures.


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