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HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel

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The HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel From Canyon Reels Will Make Fishing Easier For Any Angler

The HS-15 high speed jigging reel from Canyon Reel packs a ton of power in its small frame. Anglers who chose to fish with this jigging reel will notice its power and smooth performance while fishing. This is the ultimate jigging and bottom fishing reel while offshore fishing. There is really no scenario offshore that this reel can not tackle. Drift live bottom and have confidence your reel will catch anything that bites. This reel has a spool capacity of 500 yards of 40# braided line. We are confident you will grow to love this reel, and it will become your favorite offshore jigging reel.

The HS-15 high speed jigging reel is light in weight weighing in at 13.4oz. Canyon reels come with a manufacturer warranty that is one of the best in the industry. The HS-15 outperforms most reels that are more than twice its size and weight! This reel is built to last and withstand the elements that come with saltwater fishing.

HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel Specs:

  • ABEC Bearings: 6 ABEC6 stainless, heated ball bearings for extreme smoothness
  • Braking System: One-way braking system for peace of mind when fighting large fish
  • Gear Ratio: 6.1:1 ratio is designed for high-speed jigging!
  • Line Capacity: Holds 500yds of #40 braided line. 400yds of 12lb mono
  • Pre Set Drag Feature: for accurate drag settings. It Will not change during use.
  • Pro Grip System: for complete control of the spool. 
  • 25 lb. of drag at free spool!
  • Stainless Gears & Springs: for long-lasting strength and corrosion resistance.
  • Ultra Lightweight: only 13.4ozs. The lightest reel in its class

Pick up your HS-15 High Speed Jigging Reel from Canyon Reels and be ready for your next offshore fishing trip.



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