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5/0 Lil Sticky-icky Gator Snatch Hook

$ 4.99

We Have The Best Gator Snatch Hook On The Market

Our gator snatch hook comes in 5/0 that is perfect for alligator hunting. These ones of a kind gator hook are weighted perfectly and cut through the water with precision. Have full confidence in our hooks to snatch your next monster gator. Our gator hooks keep the weight on the bottom and out of the way offering a full open hook to catch the alligator every single time.

Our hooks earn the name sticky-icky for the sharp treble hooks we use for piercing the tough hide of the gator. Made in the USA by gator hunters for gator hunters. We are confident our hooks are perfect for catching gators of all sizes and guarantee our hooks will catch bigger alligators than our competitors. The 5/0 is the perfect size for casting with accuracy. They will fly and hook a gator every time. If you want a snatch hook that will perform well and will increase your chances of catching a gator, then use our 5/0 Lil Sticky-icky Gator Snatch Hooks today.

Gator Hook Specs:

  • Hook: 5/0
  • Weight: 1/2oz and 1oz

Get your gator snatch hooks today and be ready for your next alligator hunting trip.



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