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Flounder Recipes

Knowing the best flounder recipes is critical because this is one of America favorite types of inshore fish species to eat. Anglers from all over, from Virginia to Texas, will target flounder. Knowing where to catch them, what they eat and how to catch them can make all the difference when trying to fill a cooler with flounder. The beauty of catching flounder is what comes after you get home. A delicious meal that will have your taste buds dancing with amazing flounder recipes. No matter if you like to pan fry it, bake it, fry it or whatever method of cooking it, we are guaranteed to have a flounder recipe for you.

The elusive flounder can be a challenging species to catch. There is more skill involved then catching redfish or speckled sea trout. Flounder prefer live bait like finger mullet, mud minnows or shrimp. Many anglers will chose the artificial lure route for the thrill of the catch. No matter what method you chose, feeling a flounder bite is something that comes with experience. They tend to have a softer bite and are often missed because of this. When you fish in the right locations with the right bait you should catch your limit of flounder. Flounder will fillet out incredibly easily when you know how to do it properly. The top side will produce two large fillets while the bottom should produce two smaller fillets. Off one fish you should get 4 fillets perfect for your meal. The meat that flounder produce is a very white meat and cooks exceptionally well in most dishes.

Cooking the fish with the right flounder recipe is half the battle. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we are confident that there is a flounder recipe for everyone. We have put together a selection of flounder recipes from amazing anglers that are guaranteed to make you want more. We know that how you prepare the flounder is as important as catching them. Check out our perfect flounder recipes today and start making the perfect dishes your friends and family will enjoy.

Flounder Recipes: 6 Best Flounder Dishes Inshore Anglers Should Be Making

We have come up with our 6 best flounder recipes that everyone will love. These flounder dishes are ones that your friends and family will be begging for more. Try all 6 today!



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