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Snook Jigs

Snook Jigs Are A Must Lure To Have In Tackle Box When Snook Fishing

  • Flare Style Bucktail Jigs
  • 1oz-2.5oz
  • Made in the USA
  • Custom Colors Available
  • Super strong Mustad 8/0 hook
  • The Best Snook Jigs

Snook jigs are one of the ultimate lures that anglers use when targeting snook. Flair jigs are an inshore jig that all fishermen should be fishing the inshore of Florida. They were made to presents the perfect presentation in the water that snook needs for biting. Catching snook on live mullet is always fun but catching them on artificial baits is the challenge that many snook anglers live for. Snook jigs come in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes. One thing that sets these saltwater jigs apart is the jig head and skirts. Snook jigs come in many different styles of jig heads that range from round, bullet, or any form of bucktail jighead. Attached to the jig head is always a skirt that flairs. It is these flared skirts when appropriately jigged give the presentation of passing baitfish. 

Anglers will find snook jigs in a variety of sizes. The most common sizes that anglers will fish range from 1oz to 2.5oz depending on current and depth. Along with weight the color of the jig head and skirt is essential too. You will find the most common colors that snook is attracted to being red, white, blue, pink, and green. If you are fishing at night, then a black and dark blue may be colors you will throw.

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we know how vital snook jigs are to snook fishing that we have taken it upon ourselves to bring to market the best jig around. We have searched long and hard for quality snook jigs that are made to last and can withstand multiple hits while on a snook fishing trip. We have tested all of our snook jigs and know they will catch you fish so make sure you have these in your tackle box.

Get your snook jigs today from HFDepot and be stocked for your next fishing trip.



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