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Chartreuse & Red Flair Hawk Snook Jig

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Our Chartreuse & Red Flair Hawk Snook Jig Will Change How You Go Snook Fishing

Our Chartreuse & Red Flair Hawk Snook Jig is the ultimate bucktail jig on the market.  This snook jig is guaranteed to help you catch more snook. You will hook up on more snook, but often you will hook up on the biggest in the school. We have been snook fishing for years in the state of Florida, and we have created the ultimate flair hawk snook jig.

Our flair jigs are an aspirin head jig head offered in multiple weights ranging from 1oz to 3oz. The jig head is painted in our chartreuse green color that is guaranteed to catch the eye of any snook in the area. The thread on the jig is red, and the skirt is crimped chartreuse nylon with a red nylon tail. These jigs are crafted to last. They can be used multiple times after catching a snook and will withstand the environment and elements. The nylon skirts will maintain their shape trip after trip. Making them last was our main objective. There are too many jigs on the market that fall apart on your first snook fishing trip. It is guaranteed to attract more fish. We offer this jig in multiple sizes. The weight of the jig determines the size of the hook.

Chartreuse & Red Snook Jig Specs:

  • Jig Head Color: Chartreuse
  • Body Color: Chartreuse Nylon Skirt
  • Tail Color: Red
  • Jig Head: Lead
  • Eyes: 3D Red Eyes
  • Weights: 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz, 2.5oz, and 3oz

Buy our chartreuse & red snook jig, and we guarantee you will be a repeat customer when using our jigs. This is truly one of the best flair hawk jigs on the market. Fish with the best and start filling coolers with more fish and get more strikes/hookups. 

Make sure to get your chartreuse & red flair hawk snook Jig today and start catching more fish While Snook Fishing.



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