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    Hobo Duck Calls

    Hobo Calls - Hunter

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    Many colors available.  At time of purchase we can produce a custom color scheme or send you a color that we have in stock.  Please Email us or ca...

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    $ 54.99
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Duck Hunting

Duck Hunting Headquarters: From Duck Calls, Duck Decoys, And All The Gear

At Hunting and Fishing Depot we take duck hunting very seriously. We know how critical the right duck calls, duck decoys, and gear is for a successful hunt. We have searched long and hard for the best duck hunting items on the market. We carry some of the most significant brands that every customer wants like Avian-X, Avery Outdoors, Dakota Decoy Company, GP Calls, and more. 

Duck Decoys

Duck decoys are one of the items we specialize in. You can find everything you need from floating decoys, full body decoys, and motion decoys. Our extensive lines of decoys are guaranteed to mix and match the right decoys for the type of hunt you are hunting. No matter what species you want we will have what you need. Help make your duck hunting experience more pleasant with the right decoys. 

Duck Calls

Duck calls are critical for making duck sounds that will help attract migrant ducks into your spread. They come in a variety of styles that are perfect for each waterfowl hunter. Deciding on whether you need a 1-reed, 2-reed, or 3-reed depending on skill level or sound needed. Having the right call will only make you more successful when hunting waterfowl.

Duck Hunting Apparel and Gear

We want to complete your duck hunting needs by having the perfect duck hunting apparel and gear. Be outfitted with a hat from East Coast Waterfowl or HFD and represent the ducks you spend time hunting. Find other camo shirts, pants, and other apparel to help keep hidden from waterfowl. Also find other needed gear such as blinds, layout blinds, decoy bags and anything else needed for duck hunting adventure.

Shop Hunting and Fishing Depot For all your duck hunting needs and be ready for your next waterfowl hunting trip.



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