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Texas Rig Decoys - Why To Outfit Your Decoy Spread

Texas Rig Decoys: Why To Outfit Your Decoy Spread

Texas Rig Decoys Is The Best Method For Keeping Your Decoys Tangle Free

If you are a duck hunter and love to hunt with decoys then you should be using Texas rigs for anchoring your decoy spread. These are the best decoy rigging method for keeping your duck decoys in place while hunting rivers, lakes, rice fields or other shallow water areas. There are a few advantages to rigging your decoys this way and we want to show you why you should be using them on your next duck hunting trip.

Texas Decoy Rigs Keep Your Decoys Tangle Free

Tangle Free Texas Decoy Rigs

Using Texas Decoy Rigs Keeps Them Tangle Free And Easy To Place.

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One of the biggest advantage to using Texas rigs on your decoys is they are tangle free. One of the most aggravating things is arriving at a hunting location and having to untangle your decoy spread in the early morning hours. You want to be able to unclip them and go. To prevent this from happening, we use an airplane cable that will make your rigs resistant to tangling. Keeping them clipped and stored hanging in groups of 12 will allow for easy decoy spread placement. This type of wire does not hold memory like monofilament or fishing line. You can cut corners and have the headache of trying to untangle everything out in the field. We suggest using our tangle free Texas rigs and never worry about it every again.

Decoy Rigging Supplies

Quick Set Up And Cleanup Of Your Decoy Texas Rig

Rigging your decoy spread with Texas rigs allows for you to set up quicker and clean up easier. Throw them out in the waters you will be hunting in the spread formation you desire. The decoys slide down the decoy line and will adjust according to the depth of the water. When finished with your hunt simply pick up the decoy and clip it onto a carabiner. It really does not get any easier than this.

Top Questions From Hunters Who Want To Texas Rig Decoys 

What Size Weight For Texas Rig Decoys?

What Size Weight For Texas Rig Decoys

Decoy Anchor Sizes For Holding Your Decoy Spread


Decoy weights come in a variety of shapes and sizes. You will find weights from as low as an ounce all the way up to 16oz. We prefer to do our decoy rigging with 4oz up to 10oz. Anything bigger becomes a real challenge to carry when hauling your duck decoys from the truck to area you will be hunting.  There are 3 styles of decoy rigging weights that we prefer for Texas rigs, these include egg sinkers, mushroom weights, and bank sinkers. One thing that many hunters do not realize is that each serve a purpose for the type of hunting you will be doing. If you are duck hunting in areas with heavy vegetation with very little currents then you will want to use egg sinkers. These are the most popular and the majority of what many hunters outfit their Texas decoy rigs. If you are river hunting or in an area with heavy currents with a hard bottom then chose to outfit your decoy spread with mushroom weights for your Texas rigs. If the areas you are waterfowl hunting has really heavy and dense aquatic weeds then chose to use bank sinkers. Remember to pick the right Texas rig weight style with the preferred decoy weight of your choice. The heavier the weight for the most current to hold your decoy spreads in place.

What Is The Best Length For Texas Rig Decoys?

Decoy Anchors - Hunting and Fishing Depot

Decoy Anchor Lengths

When trying to figure out what length you need for your Texas rig decoys you must first know the areas you will be hunting. Many hunters will have two sets of Texas rigs for different depths they will be hunting. They are easy to change out and by having multiple lengths you will be able to hold your decoy spread with ease. The standard decoy rig sizes are from 24" up to 84". This will cover most areas that hunters chose to waterfowl hunt. When figuring out what size you need consider the following:

  • 36" Rigs: Flooded Timber and Rice Fields (up to your knees)
  • 48" Rigs: Any Water That is Waist High to Chest Height
  • 60" Rigs: Lake or River Hunting in Deeper Water
  • 72" Rigs: Deepwater Hunting

 Make sure you have the right length on your Texas rigs this duck hunting season to keep your spread anchored.

How Do You Get Your Decoys To Slide With A Texas Rig

One of the best features of Texas rig decoys is their ability to slide up and down the wire. This allows for easy changing of depth and makes throwing them out and cleaning them up extra easy. The way we get out duck decoys to slide is by attaching them to a free floating flip. This allows for the decoys to slide both ways on the wire.

Do I Need A Texas Rig Decoy Bag 

Texas Rig Decoys Storage

Texas Rig Decoys Storage 

One of the biggest advantages to using Texas decoy rigs is they come with a looped end for easy transport. This allows the hunter to use an oversized carabiner to keep the rigs tangle free and and transport much easier. This eliminated the need for a decoy bag. Our pro series of Texas rig decoys come with two looped ends. This makes it easy to clip both ends for storage or transport. By rigging your duck decoys with the best decoy rigging supplies it will eliminate your need for always storing your spread in decoy bags.

If you love duck hunting and are setting up a decoy spread for this coming duck hunting season then make sure you are using the best Texas rig decoys on the market. Maybe you like rigging your own decoys and need to find the best rigging supplies at affordable price. We want to help set you up for success and help you rig decoys this fall. Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions may have. Send us your best decoy rigging pictures to be featured on our social media and website. Please leave comments below. 

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