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Top 6 Locations To Target Bass During The Spawn

Top 6 Locations To Target Bass during The Spawn

The Top 6 Locations Every Angler Should Be Fishing During The Bass Spawn

Bass Spawn In the United States

Time of Bass Spawn In The United States (Photo Credit:

Knowing the best locations to bass fish during the spawn can lead to monster bass being caught. There is a science behind where you should be fishing. Let us stop wasting your time and educate you on where you should be casting a line. The best time for bass fishing is in the spring (April through May). We have compiled some of our best spots to target next time you are out on the lake. Targeting these 6 locations during the bass spawn will make you a more effective angler. Most anglers know that timing and location are critical factors for bass fishing, but these six other areas will give you a better shot at catching your next trophy bass.
Bass spawn Cover and places to fish
The areas that provide bass cover during the bass spawn (Photo Credit:

Bass Fishing Location #1: Cover

During the bass spawn, they will look for cover near areas that retain the warmth of the sun. This can be metal docks, rocks in the water, fallen trees, or some other kind of debris. These types of cover often will retain the heat produced by the sun and will warm the surrounding waters near them. Spawning bass will nest close to these structures to absorb some of the warmth produced by the cover. Not only do these areas provide much-needed warmth, but they also provide excellent cover for protection.
Bass In Cover
Largemouth bass sitting on the structure during the spawn (Photo Credit:

Bass Fishing Location #2: Water Inflow Areas

Bass like to spawn near areas of inflowing water. These types of areas can be different in a lot of ways but seem to hold bass still. If the lake you fish has a power plant discharge, this can be a great area to fish for bass. The water is used to cool the nuclear reactors, and as a bi-product is warm when its dumped back out into the lake. Its this warm water discharge that spawning bass love and will tend to bed nearby. This makes it a prime area for bass anglers to target. Another area that bass love is creek mouths. These are perfect ambush points for bait moving down the creek and always have an abundance of food. One rule I always remembered, " When there is an inflow of water, there will be bass." Remember to target these areas on your next bass fishing trip.

Bass Fishing Location #3: Docks

I am sure you do not need to read this blog to know this one, but docks are a critical spot for targeting bass during the spawn. Docks are shallow-water structures that provide shelter for bass. They also tend to hold bait near them. The shade and structure that docks provide make them an essential spot to target during the spawn. Try to stay away from the deep water docks during the spawn and stay shallow. Target the docks that are near shallow water rocks, areas with hard bottoms like gravel and sand, or near shallow water flats.

Fishing Docks During The SpawnDuring the bass spawn, an area to target is docks (Photo Credit:

Bass Fishing Location #4: Lily Pads

During the spawn, one of the best for targeting largemouth bass is in and around lily pads. These areas often get overlooked by anglers because, often, they can be hard to fish. In reality, the lily pad roots are an excellent area for beds of spawning bass. They provide the ultimate cover for the bass. Their root system creates a firm surface for spawning in an area that would typically be soft mucky bottoms. Try targeting the lily pads next time your out during the spawn, who knows you may pull up a lunker.

Target Lily Pads During the spawn

Targeting Lily Pads During Spawn Can Yield Big Bass (Photo Credit: ABB Conversations)

Bass Fishing Location #5: River and Creek Channels 

Another area that bass anglers should target during the spring spawn is the channels from rivers and creeks. They act as underwater pathways for the bass moving from their deep water winter beds to their shallow-water spawning grounds. Targeting bass when they make this journey through the creeks and river channels makes bass fishing a lot easier. Some of the biggest bass will be caught during this time.

Bass Fishing Location #6: Sandy Holes In Grass

Knowing the details of the body of water you are fishing will make you a better angler. Many of the lakes feature different grass flats. Several species of grass can be found in these areas like milfoil, hydrilla, coontail, and other aquatic vegetation. Often, these grassy flats are shallow, and the bottom can be seen when there is a sand patch. These sandy patches make for the perfect spawning grounds. Fishing these areas is a must and should be targeted during the spring spawn.

Bass beds In grass

Bass beds found throughout the grass (Photo Credit:

Knowing the best areas to target during the spring spawn will make you a better bass angler. The ultimate goal of catching bigger bass will be achieved because you will be fishing in proven areas that produce trophy-size bass. If you have any questions or concerns, then leave a comment below or email us at If you have other areas, you like to target, please share with the community and comment below. Send us all your bass fishing pictures to be featured on our social media page. Knowing the six best places to target bass during the spawn, will set you up to be successful on your next fishing trip. 

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