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Golf Course Pond Fishing: Getting Access To Catch That Monster Bass

Golf Course Pond Fishing: Getting Access To Catch That Monster Bass

There Is Nothing Better Than Fishing Golf Course Ponds.

Golf Course Pond Hopping

Golf Course Ponds Are Often Untouched To Public Anglers

Some of the best places to catch monster largemouth bass are in golf course ponds. Often these ponds are off limits to anglers and rarely get fished. The ponds on golf course harbor pigs because they live there untouched and feed all day. Many anglers know this secret and fish there ponds both legally and illegally to have their chance at landing one these prized fish. These ponds are easy to find and easy to access because the golf course surrounds them. You will not have to fight briers and underbrush to access them. The challenge will be getting access to the golf course ponds. Once you have permission/ access, you will be able to fish all you want. Since it can be tricky, here are a few tips for getting access to golf course ponds and avoiding arrest and fines.

1) Just Ask: Never Hurt To Ask The Greenskeeper or Golf Course Owner

Ask The Golf Course Grounds Keeper

Do Not Be Afraid To Ask The Grounds Keeper (Photo Credit: Caddyshack)

One thing my mother always told me to do is " It never hurts to ask." What is the worst that could happen? They say NO, or they permit you, and you have the time of your life. In my experience ask the groundskeeper who cares for the grass. They will usually allow you access during off times. If you go into the clubhouse, the front desk team can usually put you in contact with who you need to talk to for permission. Approach it in a manner that you will only fish at off hours, so you're not in the way of golfers and business. You may not get the answer you want. Do not be afraid to leave your name and number with them if they change their mind.

2) Pay To Play: Carry A Fishing Pole In Your Golf Bag

Fishing While Your Play 18 Holes of golf

When Your Waiting To Shoot Throw A Bait (Photo Credit: Larry Hotz)

One of the easiest ways to get on the golf course is pay to play. While you are playing a round of golf, bring a rod and reel in your golf bag to throw around the pond hazards. The main problem with this is you will have limited time to cast and play. At busier golf courses you will have groups following you and people will get mad if your fishing and suppose to golfing. Not the ideal scenario, but if you can land a lunker between shots, it will be one your buddies will talk about for a while.

3) Neighborhood Golf Course Community: Ask The Home Owner Who Lives On The Golf Course Pond

Dont be scared to knock to ask for permission

Don't Be Scared To Knock For Permission (Photo Credit:

Many golf courses in larger cities are built with neighborhoods around them. I grew up in one of these neighborhoods. We would walk the greens at dusk and fish the water hazards. One thing I remember is people would knock on our door and ask if they could fish the pond behind our house. My father would always say "if you do not leave trash, you're more welcome to it." All it takes is a little courage to talk to the homeowner and next thing you know you will be fishing that golf course pond.

4) Get A Job At Golf Course

Born To Golf Forced To Work To Fish The Ponds

Sometimes You Have To Work There To Fish The Ponds

Another option if you are very desperate to fish a secret golf course pond is getting a job at the golf course. After you have completed a long day of work, you should be able to walk to the course and fish the ponds. This is not a very feasible way to fish, especially if you already have a job or career. I have known people to get part-time jobs to get a crack at fishing some of the best ponds around.

5) Volunteer Your Time And Services

Volunteer To Fish

Volunteer To Get Access To The Ponds (Photo Credit:Golf Couse Management)

Another very reasonable means for gaining access is asking to volunteer your time and services. Many golf courses will find good use of your time. This not only allows for you to get access to the course but lets your earn volunteer hours. Many golf courses will let you wash carts, pick up golf balls after hours or caddy for a day by volunteering. Once you have a foot in the door, it will be 100 times easier to get access to the fishing holes to land your next monster bass.

6) Sneak Out At Night

Night Golf Course bass fishing

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND, but these are some of the best memories I have growing up. Sneaking out on a golf course under the mask of night may be your only option. Growing up, we would sneak out at night to fish the ponds and go frog gigging. We can not tell you to trespass, but when you know the pigs are lurking in a pond, you will do what it takes to catch them.

Golf course pond fishing can be some of the most accessible yet most rewarding types of bass fishing. The chance to fish ponds that generally are not touched by the public can yield some of the largest largemouth bass you will ever catch! If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear them and answer them. Feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at Send us your biggest bass pictures to be featured on all of our social media pages. If you have another tip that can help people gain access to golf course ponds, we would love to hear them and share with our readers. Get out there and go golf course pond fishing today for your next lunker.

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