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4 Weird Places You Should Be Bass Fishing

4 Weird Places You Should Be Bass Fishing

Places On The Lake You Wouldnt Think To Go Bass Fishing

Anglers are always looking for new places to fish and areas they can catch that monster bass. Fallen trees, rock piles, ledges, debris and other common bass areas are always producers of fish. On a weekend of fishing, these spots can be a challenge with lake crowding. Many of these easily accessible spots get overfished on any given day. Finding new spots is always a challenge for anglers, but that is the beauty of fishing. If it was easy everyone would do it. Many anglers are reluctant to disclose key spots or honey holes that hold fish. Don't rely on other anglers to show you new spots, get out on the lake and explore it for yourself. There are several areas that often get overlooked by most anglers but tend to hold bass. Let us explore these areas in more detail and show you exactly why you need to fish them on your next bass fishing trip.

Areas Of The Lake That Get Overlooked When Bass Fishing:

1) Steam Plants and Factory Runoff Fishing

Fishing The Waters Around The Steam Plant

Fishing Around And Near The Steam Plant (Photo Credit: Ted Wood)

This is one of the best areas to fish on a lake certain times of the year. I have caught my share of largemouth bass and white bass in areas like this in North Carolina. It is this area that many people would say are bad for lakes. Sewer Plants and other factories dump toxic materials in the water that make the fish inedible. Have you heard of the zombie bass? It is this misconception that forces many anglers to avoid areas like this. It is this completely false rationale and couldn't be farther from the truth. The government forces steam plants and factories to abide by strict EPA laws that help protect our water. It is areas like this that actually bring in cool water high in oxygen in the summers and warm waters in the winter. This is the perfect areas for baitfish. Where the baitfish go, the predator fish like bass follow. Usually, in these areas, it is a good idea to throw crankbaits, rooster tails, and other soft plastics depending on water clarity and depth. Do not fall into the myth that this is a bad area to fish. Add this as a spot to try on your next fishing trip and I guarantee you will make it a regular stop everytime you are out on the lake.

2) Boat Ramp Fishing

Fishing The Boat Ramp

Fishing The Boat Ramp On A Slow Spring Or Fall Day

Many anglers like to avoid boat ramps at all costs. Boat ramps are always crowded and the boat traffic is always a concern for an accident to occur. If you make it out on a noncrowded day and the boat traffic is limited add the boat ramp to your places to fish. Public boat ramps are made of concrete. They are a natural means of heat when the sun is shining. Boat ramps are good areas to target in the spring and fall when water temperatures tend to still be chilly. It will always warm up around docks due to the concrete baking in the sun. Another advantage to fishing boat docks is the fact they tend to grow algae. It is this algae that acts as a food source to baitfish species like shad.  If the shad tend to stick around the boat dock, so should the bass. I tend to fish boat docks like I do any dock, flipping soft plastics on a jig head is always a good idea. One of my go-to soft plastics is a pumpkin seed lizard. No matter the time of year, a slow retrieval of the lizard on the bottom always produces bites.

3) Dam Fishing

Fishing The Bottom Side Of The Dam

Fishing Around The Dam For Largemouth Bass & Stripers 

The first thing that comes to mind when thinking of fishing the dam is..........

"What did the fish say when it hit its head?  Dammmmmn........"

Many anglers tend to avoid dams altogether. This actually is an area you need to be targeting. Dam fishing is ruled by currents. Largemouth bass doesn't like waters with high currents. They will find some type of debris or structure to hide behind and ambush bait as is flows down the currents. There are many areas of rocks around a dam. Rockpiles, riprap banks, and diversion walls all offer rich areas for algae growth which will hold baitfish. It is in this area you will find your bass hunting for its next tasty meal. This is true for the lower side of dams. As far as fishing these areas do not be afraid to throw jerkbaits and big swimbaits. Be ready for a monster fish because large stripers live in the area and will take you for a ride.

4) Park Beach Fishing

Lake Beach Bass Fishing

Lake Beaches Are Perfect Bass Spawning Grounds 

On many lakes, you will find public parks that offer picnic areas and beaches to swim at during the summer months. These beaches are very sandy and often get overlooked as great areas to fish. During spawning season of largemouth bass, these are prime areas to target. Many bass anglers do not realize that bass prefer sandy bottoms are prime areas for largemouth bass to spawn. Another species of fish that love to use sandy bottoms to spawn are bluegill which is also a tasty treat for largemouth bass. During spawning season target these beaches with swimbaits that mimic the bluegill. Another great lure for fishing these areas is a soft plastic finesse worm worked slowly across the bottom.

Depending on the time of the year there is always great alternative spots for catching fish. It is in these overlooked spots that can produce all the fish you need on your next bass fishing trip. If you have any questions or concerns, then leave a comment below or email us at If you have other areas that anglers should target on the lake, please share with the community. Send us all your bass fishing pictures to be featured on our social media page. Get out there and explore your lakes. Fish these overlooked areas and it will only make you a better bass angler and increase your chances of catching the next monster bass.


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