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Summer Pompano Fishing 101 - How to Pompano Fish

Summer Pompano Fishing 101: How to Pompano Fish

Knowing How To Pompano Fish During The Summer Will Take You To Deeper Waters 

One of the best types of fishing anglers enjoy over the summer is pompano fishing. For as long as I can remember I have vacationed to the Florida panhandle for summer vacations. Pensacola Florida truly has some of the most beautiful beaches around. They offer white sand that is not found on the Atlantic side. One of the best reasons for visiting this part of Florida is for the fishing. Many anglers will try their luck at surf fishing. The fish anglers will be targeting is the Florida Pompano.

How To Pompano Fish 

How To Pompano Fish 

Where to find pompano fish?

During the hot Florida summer months, pompano fishing can be a challenge when you are not prepared. Knowing what you are looking for is half the battle. The spring Florida pompano runs have come to an end and finding fish may be your biggest challenge. Finding Pompano on the Atlantic coast will be non-existent besides a random one here and there. Knowing the feeding patterns and what they are looking for will make all anglers a better fisherman. Pompano search all day for small shrimp, sand flees and other small crustaceans like crabs. Most of the pompano populations have moved north, besides in the Gulf of Mexico. There are many schools of pompano that remain in the gulf but migrate to deeper waters during the summer. Fishing the tides right in areas with deep waters such as bridges, jetties, and deep trenches off the beach should yield pompano.

One thing that always got to me was the heat. If I could do anything to avoid it, I would. Because I knew pompano went deep, I would often fish under the bridges in the summer to avoid the heat, but mainly to target pompano in the deeper water. Because the pompano go deep, fishing around bridges and deeper channels are your best bet.

How far to cast when surf fishing for pompano?

Early morning hours when pompano are feeding, you will still be able to catch them in the surf. Targeting them specifically is a science and knowing the right tides will make or break your trip. The number one thing to remember when pompano fishing is always avoid fishing slack tides when the currents are moving, so will the pompano. When casting from the beach look for trenches or deeper water troughs. This normally will be over the wave break. Getting your pompano rig to settle in one of these will give you your best chances to catch pompano early morning.

Pompano Fishing The Surf

Pompano Fishing The Surf Depends On Current 

Where To Pompano Fish In The Summer

Where to fish for pompano in the summer months can be broken down into two main factors. What is the tide doing and what time of day is it. Many anglers will choose to fish the beaches for them and will find most of their luck in the early morning hours. On windier days the waves will be larger and will stir up small crabs more frequently, so fishing from the beach then is not a bad idea. The key to beach fishing is the wave break must stir up the sand flees and crabs that the pompano love to feed. Moving tides is the best time for pompano fishing and will produce the most action. Specific areas such as deep channels under bridges, jetties, deep trenches around piers and other structures will be the best areas to target. Pompano seeks structure on the sandy bottom where they will sit and let the tide bring them food.  Pompano will face the incoming tide and wait to ambush small shrimp and crabs that will be carried towards them. As an angler, once you know what they are feeding on you should be able to catch them.

Summer Pompano Fishing Under Bridges

Pompano Fishing Under The Bridge in The Summer

Best Pompano Bait For Summer Fishing

Pompano fishing lures come in a variety of sizes, shapes, and weights. In my pompano bait arsenal, I have several pompano lures that I use frequently. Many anglers will either use artificial or live bait.

What does a pompano rig look like?

When surf fishing for pompano, many anglers will choose to use a pompano rig. The standard Florida pompano rig that many surf anglers prefer to use is the dropper rig. This rig comes with multiple hooks that increase your chances of catching fish. Typical components of the pompano dropper rig include hooks, weights, swivels, snaps, and foam or bead attractors. In this shallow of waters, there are often fish that will steal your baits, so by having multiple baits; you will have to rebait less often. Typically the best bait to use is either sand fleas or shrimp. Smaller crabs like fiddler crabs are also an excellent source of bait.

Pompano Rig - surf fishing bottom rig

Pompano Rig - Surf Fishing Bottom Rig

How to jig for pompano

Maybe you have fished your whole life and loved a challenge. Well, fishing with artificial for pompano is the way to go. There are a few pompano jigs that I swear by and use.

Doc's goofy jig

The first of these is the original pompano jig or a comparable jig head to the doc's goofy jig. These banana jig shape jig heads come with and without teasers. The shape of these pompano jigs are perfect for dragging it along on the bottom in the surf. It is this shape that makes pompano think it is a sand flea on the bottom. You can find these jigs in a variety of colors and sizes varying from 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz, and 1oz.

Pompano Jig with teaser comparable to the doc's goofy jig

Pompano Jig with teaser comparable to the doc's goofy jig

Jigger Fleas

The next pompano jig I swear by is the new jigger fleas. These are available in two different styles, a football jig or a banana jig shape. These are perfect for fishing the surf by themselves by simply bumping them over the bottom. They come in a variety of colors and head shape styles. You can find them in different weights according to the amount of current you are fishing. They hold up well, and when jigged correctly, pompano and other inshore species like flounder cannot resist them.

Jigger Fleas For Pompano Fishing

Jigger Fleas For Pompano Fishing

Pompano Crusher

One of the best pompano lures that professional anglers swear by is the pompano crusher. These one of a kind pompano lures feature a nylon skirt on a jig head. They are very mobile in the water and mimic the prey of pompano fish. This is a multifunctional pompano bait and will catch almost any species of inshore fish. Easy to rig, tie on and fish. If you jig the pompano crusher right in front of a Florida pompano, you are sure to catch one.

Pompano Crusher

Pompano Crusher For Surf Fishing

Pompano Jig Box

The pompano jig box is a tackle box designed for pompano fishing. It features all your favorite pompano jig heads and lures to catch fish. These are the most popular artificial baits for catching Florida pompano. Make sure to get yours before your summer vacation to be ready to catch fish as soon as you step onto the beach.

Pompano Jig Box

Pompano Jig Box Has All Your Favorite Pompano Lures

Start surf fishing for pompano today

Once you know the right areas to target for summer pompano and the right pompano rigs and lures to use you can get out there and have fun catching Florida pompano. Always remember to fish around the deeper channels, bridges, piers during the summer months. If the tide is not moving, you should not be fishing for pompano. If you have any questions or comments, we want to hear them and answer them. Feel free to leave us a comment below or email us at Check out our blog on jigging for pompano for more great tips! Send us all your Florida Pompano pictures to be featured on all of our social media pages. Maybe you have a tip or lure that we have not mentioned we would love to hear it and share it with our readers. Find other great pompano fish information and pompano recipes today. Start catching more fish and have fun pompano fishing during summer vacations in the Florida panhandle.

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