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Pompano Jig Fishing for pompano

Pompano Jig Fishing for pompano

Florida Pompano Jig Fishing Like a Pro

pompano fishing with docs goofy jig style wacky jigs

Pompano Fishing With Doc's Goofy Jig Style Wacky Jig

If you love pompano jig fishing with pompano jigs, then this is the fishing blog for you. When the inshore water temperature hits 68 degrees, the locals flock to the beaches and passes to try their luck at catching pompano. The pompano is related to Permit and are considered a delicacy to most anglers. Pompano seems to congregate in the winter following the sand fleas into the passes and onto the beaches.  One of my favorite ways to catch pompano is throwing Pompano Jigs.

pompano jigs for pompano fishing

Pompano Jigs For Pompano Jig Fishing 

How to jig for pompano

One of the most popular and successful jigs is Doc's goofy jig. The pompano jig action and color sets it apart from the others. These goofy jigs imitate a sand flea as it pumps and covers itself in the sand.  You fish them by popping the jig off the bottom then let them sink back and touch the bottom again.  The pompano will hit on the fall or after the jig hits the sand.  If you want a jig that catches fish, try out  Pompano jig Orange or Pompano jig Yellow for best results in most water conditions because the fish can see them best.  A teaser can also be added to the top to imitate an egg sack, which will trigger more aggressive bites.  Also, try adding a Pro-cure scent because pompano has an excellent sense of smell.  Old school anglers will even tip the jig with a piece of shrimp or sand flea.  Sand fleas can be found by digging in the washing line on the beach.

When you are ready to head out to try your luck, look for passes, sand bars, drop-offs holes, etc.  Pompano will sit and feed in places where the sand is swept away, bringing food by their faces.  Also, along the beaches on the second sandbar or the drop off in between the beach and first sand bar.  Pompano can be found from North Carolina to Mississippi.  South Florida in the winter and spring has the largest concentration of pompano that I have seen.  Some of my favorite passes to fish are Midnight Pass near Sarasota and the Cut at St. George Island. The best thing about catching pompano is it can be done from the beach without a boat. 

Pompano Jig With Teasers For Pompano Fishing

Check out our vast selections of different styles of pompano jig at Hunting and Fishing Depot. We would recommend using the original Doc's goofy jig style, our best seller with or without teasers. You will find them available in multiple colors perfect for tipping with a sand flea, clam, shrimp, or any other excellent surf fishing bait. Do not hesitate to contact us at with any questions you may have. Please send us your best pompano pictures to be featured on our social media and website. Please leave comments below! Subscribe to our blog so you do not miss out on great material. Start using pompano jigs for pompano fishing today and watch yourself start filling coolers full of Florida pompano. 

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