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Wild Hunter 3 Reed V Cut Mouth Call | Legacy Calls

$ 10.99

The Wild Hunter is a 3 reed V cut mouth call made by Legacy Calls.

The Wild Hunter mouth call is a 3 reed V cut call that is one of Legacy Calls top selling calls.  The classic V cut can make all sounds of a hen turkey.  The V allows for whistles and whines as well as cuts and pure yelps.  This mouth uses more air than most due to a thicker middle latex reed.  The Wild Hunter makes a great sound that will fool most mature gobblers.  This call allows for a wide range of volume to get loud to bring him in and then get soft to get him real close.  A very popular cut.

Wild Hunter Specs

  • 3 Reed
  • V Cut
  • Thicker Middle Reed Latex
  • Soft and Loud
  • Experienced Callers
  • Most Popular Call
  • Great Yelp

The Wild Hunter 3 reed V cut from Legacy Calls is a must have for this spring.



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