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Tominator (2.5 Reed V Cut) | Small Frame Turkey Calls | Tom Teasers

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Tominator (2.5 Reed V Cut) Small Frame Calls From Tom Teasers Produce Great Turkey Sounds

Tom Teasers understood that not everyone has a large enough pallet to use a standard size diaphragm mouth call. The tominator small frame calls are still produced with the same great quality you have come to know from Tom Teasers. These small frame calls are used by adults with smaller pallets and young turkey hunters. This can be an amazing call to have your kids learn on. Feel confident that you will be able to produce real hen sounds. These small frame turkey calls are still made from the same great quality of materials. Made in the USA.

Tominator (2.5 Reed V Cut) Specs:

  • Small Palate Mouth Call 
  • Smaller frame - great for young hunters, women, or anyone with a smaller palate
  • 2.5-reed Design With A V-Cut - perfect raspy yelps, purrs, and soft tree talk
  • Handmade In The USA 

 Get your Tominator small frame turkey mouth calls today!



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