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Snook Jig: Pink/Blue | Hunting and Fishing Depot

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Pink/Blue Snook Jig For The Biggest Snook Out There!

This one of a kind flare jig is one of the best snook jigs on the market. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we have taken the time to perfect, test and use these jigs to ensure we are offering the best product for every snook fishing angler. These nylon skirt jigs not only attract more snook but often times will allow you to hook up with the largest snook in the school. These jigs are made to last. We know that a lot of times snook hangout around the mangroves. When throwing a lure near them if can be hard on it and often times will damage the lure. We have built a durable jig that will withstand the constant beating that will happen while fishing around the mangroves. These jigs are perfect for fishing from the beach, pier or anywhere you can catch snook. No matter what your experience level is, use our jigs to help you catch more snook.

The jig head is painted in our candy pink color guaranteeing it will attract snook even in murky waters. The thread on the jig is blue and the skirt is a crimped pink nylon with a blue nylon tail. This jig will standout in the water and we have found this color pattern to be one of the best for catching snook on. It is guaranteed to attract more fish. We offer this jig in multiple weights ranging from 1oz, 1.5oz, 2oz and 2.5oz. Do not be outfished ever again by a friend. Use the Hunting and Fishing Depot snook jig and fish with confidence and catch more snook today!

Buy once and we guarantee you will be a repeat customer when using our jigs.

With Our Snook jigs Catch more Snook While Snook Fishing.

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