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Snapper Snatcher Jig

$ 5.99

The Snapper Snatcher Jig Is The Ultimate Snapper Fishing Jig Head Perfect For Your Offshore Fishing Trip

The offshore snapper jig is the ultimate offshore bottom fishing jig. They are made in the USA by anglers for anglers. They come in the appropriate weights to get your bait to the bottom and in the faces of snapper and other species. They feature a heavy-duty hook that will hold up to catching even the biggest red snapper. They come with a squid on the hook shank to give it a more pop. We paint all of our snapper snatcher jigs with glow paint that gives them an edge in the deeper water. Get your snapper snatchers and start catching more fish.

Snapper Snatcher Specs:

  • Material: Lead
  • Colors: Glow White and Glow Pink
  • Hook:
  • Squid 
  • Weight: 3oz, 4oz, and 6oz

Get your snapper snatcher jigs today and be ready for your offshore fishing trip.



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