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2' Trolling Rod Leash

$ 21.99

SeaWorx 2' Trolling Rod Leash

Trolling Rod Cable Specs:

  • Material: Stainless Seal
  • Length: 2' long
  • Attachment: Stainless Steal Clips

Use SeaWorx 2' Trolling Rod Leash to keep your fishing equipment safe. When you hook up with a trophy fish all you should have to worry about is getting it into the boat and not loosing your expensive rod and real. With SeaWorx high quality stainless steel Trolling Rod Leash you can do that. The stainless steal of this rod leash will be resist any corrosion that sea water would cause to other products. You can use this leash on boats or kayaks to protect your gear.


Get your 2' Trolling Rod Leash today to protect your fishing gear!



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