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Red Pear Bomb Popping Cork

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The Red Pear Bomb Popping Cork Is An Extra Large Float For Saltwater Fishing

Red Pear Bomb Popping cork is the ultimate fishing float perfect for both freshwater and saltwater fishing. This is the largest popping cork on the market. It is made for big game species of fish. This float is perfect for catching all your favorite species of fish that include: redfish, trout, and many other coastal species. The red pear bomb cork is also a great float when offshore fishing for mahi and other billfish species. The pear bomb is used in lake fishing when targeting predator fish like pike and musky. These corks do it all and are one of the most diverse floats on the market. Get your red pear bomb popping cork and start catching more fish.

The red pear bomb popping cork is crafted in America in the great state of Lousiana. They are the loudest and most durable on the market. They feature a 250lb stainless steel cable that can be bent and flexed but will never break. These floats feature brass beads and only the best terminal tackle, ensuring you never have an issue with your equipment. Use the red pear bomb to help attract nearby fish top your bait. The loud noise they produce will make fish wonder where the bait is feeding. Their large pear-like shape allows them to be cast a mile and will let you cast with precise accuracy. Fish with our red pear bomb popping cork and start catching more fish today.

Red Pear Bomb Popping Cork Specs:

  • Loudest and most durable cork on the market.
  • Big game fishing cork perfect for tarpon, redfish and many offshore species
  • American made in Lousiana
  • Float Type: Pear Bomb
  • Color: Red
  • Wire: 250lb stainless steel specially coated cable
  • Best terminal tackle and solid brass beads 
  • Clicking sound mimics surface bait like shrimp or shad. 

Get your red pear bomb popping cork today for your next fishing trip. 



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