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Prized Possession 3 Reed W Cut Mouth Call | Legacy Calls

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The Prized Possession is a 3 reed W cut handmade from Legacy Calls.

The Prized Possession is known as the original W cut.  This call is similar to a batwing call but requires less air pressure.  Having 3 reeds gives this mouth call a great pure hen tone that can be altered based on placement.  The Prized Possession is a great call for yelping with a raspy tone.  The W cut is a lot easier to blow than other thick latex calls.  The Prized Possession mouth call produces a different tone with a little more rasp.  This mouth call by Legacy Calls can be used in a wide array of scenarios in the field.

Prized Possession Specs

  • W Cut
  • Thin Latex
  • 3 Reed
  • Raspy Tone
  • Easy to Blow
  • Yelping Call

The Prized Possession 3 reed W cut yelping call is made for the novice or intermediate caller. 



Sold Out