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Candy Pink Pompano Jigs

$ 4.99

Pompano Fishing For Pompano By Using Pompano Jigs Never Gets Old.

The pompano fish is one the best-eating fish that you can catch. Many anglers try to go pompano fishing to catch these pompano fish. They are found in the surf and flats or Florida and the Southern warm waters of the United Stated. The pompano fish loves to feed on sand fleas and small crabs. It is because of this that pompano jigs make pompano fishing so exciting. The way you fish the jig across the bottom gives it the real-life moment of that of a sandflea or small crab. 

Pompano Jigs: What They Consist of

Hunting and Fishing Depot's ultimate pompano jigs are perfect for catching pompano fish when pompano fishing. These Pompano jigs are guaranteed to catch more pompano fish than any other jigs on the market. Pompano jigging never gets old. We offer them in a variety of sizes and weights. The weight of the jig determines how big the hook is on the jig. The shape of the jig is a banana jig shape that is perfect for dragging it along on the bottom in the surf.

All of our pompano jigs come in 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, 3/4oz and 1oz. At Hunting and Fishing Depot we sell them in packs of 3. Our 1oz packs come in packs of 2. We have done years of testing to come up with the best colors for catching pompano. The colors that really attract them are yellow, orange and pink. When the pompano sees these colors it will strike almost everytime. We know the best color to catch pompano with is Candy Pink. Get your jigs today and fill your cooler with more pompano!

No Matter If You Are New To Pompano Fishing, Using Pompano Jigs For Catching Pompano Fish Is A Challenge That Is Rewarding.



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