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Pompano Jigger Fleas: Sand Flea Jigs

$ 6.50

Pompano Jigger Fleas Are The Ultimate Pompano Jig

The pompano jigger fleas are the ultimate pompano candy that are perfect for filling a cooler. These one of a kind pompano jigs are perfect for fishing the sandy beaches for pompano. They mimic the movements of a fleeing sand flea that will spark a strike every single time. Our unique design incorporates the original pompano jig but brings it to life with a floating teaser. When you jig this for pompano it will result in more hits and better hookups.

The pompano jigger fleas are crafted in our sand color that is as close to a sand flea as it comes. The pompano won't be able to tell the difference. Each jigger flea comes with a orange teaser that will always catch the eye of the fish. We offer our jigger fleas in all the popular sizes this way pompano fishermen always have the weighted jigs they want.

Pompano Jigger Fleas Specs:

  • Jig Type: Original Pompano Jig
  • Jig Material: Lead
  • Jig Color: Sand
  • Jig Size: 3/8oz, 1/2oz and 3/4oz
  • Package Size: 2 Jigs Per Pack
  • Target Species: Pompano, Redfish, Whiting, Black Drum, and much more
  • NOTE: Teaser tying thread may vary from orange or red

Get your pompano jigger fleas today and begin catching more fish on your pompano jigs.




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