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Oyster Knife | Toadfish Outfitters

$ 37.99

The Best Oyster Knife On The Market From Toadfish Outfitters

The Put 'Em Back oyster knife from toadfish outfitters was designed to aid everyone with cleaning oysters. This design was crafted from generations of oystermen. This slick new design on the oyster knife captures everything you want. The stainless steel blade with a curved tip will allow for easy oyster shucking. Go to your next oyster roast and have people jealous of your toadfish oyster knife. It has the feeling of the traditional oyster shucker with a touch of modern and style added to it. This multi-purpose knife will shuck raw oysters, steamed oysters or boiled oysters. Cut them out with ease and stop wasting time with subpar products. Once you use a toadfish oyster knife you will never use anything else. 

Oyster Knife Specs:

  • Oyster shucker for raw, steamed and however, you cook oysters.
  • Handle made from recycled ocean plastics
  • Slip-resistant plastic handle
  • Stainless steel that is rust resistant.
  • Allen wrench to tighten if loosened
  • Bent tip for easy shucking
  • NOT designed for opening raw large 'rock' Gulf Coast oysters.

How To Use The Oyster Knife:

The oyster knife from toadfish outfitters is a really easy tool to use at your next oyster fest. Cut out oysters with ease and avoid the headache of not being able to get into the oyster shell. The bent tip will help with the physics of gaining access. Check out the video below for more information on how to use the toadfish outfitters oyster knife.




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