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Mud Puppy Ned Rig Stand Up Jig head 3pk

$ 4.99

The Mud Puppy Ned Rig Stand Up Jig Heads Are The Ultimate Weedless Ned Rig Perfect For Bass Fishing 

The mud puppy ned rig stand up jig heads are the perfect weedless ned rig that catches bass. The ned rig, also known as the midwest finesse rig, has taken the bass fishing industry by storm. When you have to fish in tough conditions, the ned rig stand up jig head excels. This type of bass jig always gets the job done when it gets tough because it has a small profile, subtle action, and its ability to mimic several bass food sources. Creating the jig with a stand-up feature guarantees keeping your bait up right after punching through the lake grass.

Largemouth bass will not be able to resist this jig presentation and will ultimately result in more hits and hookups. One thing that species of bass look for is the eyes of baitfish. Because of this, each jig comes with a 3D eye that will surely get the attention of nearby fish. Each jig is fitted with a weed guard that will keep you from hanging up. This is one jig that you will grow to love on your next bass fishing trip.

Mud Puppy Ned Rig Stand Up Jig heads Specs:

  • Color: Pumpkin Brown With Black Flakes
  • Size: 1/8oz, 3/16oz, and 1/4oz
  • Hooks: Mustad Hook
  • Weed Guard: Yes
  • Package Size: 3 Jigs Per Pack

WARNING: This product can expose you to lead, known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, go to

Get your mud puppy stand up jig heads today and be ready to start catching more bass.



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