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Lone Hen 2.5 Reed Batwing Mouth Call | Legacy Calls

$ 10.99

The Lone Hen 2.5 Reed Batwing Mouth Call from Legacy Game calls is a high pitched call.

Designed in 2017 the Lone Hen 2.5 is a batwing cut with a half reed o the bottom.  This mouth call is made from thin latex and the number of reeds gives it a higher pitch turkey tone.  The Lone Hen 2.5 is designed to sound like a young hen.  This calls clucks and purrs are easy to make and crisp on sound.  Advanced callers can make this call make any sound perfectly, however novices may use this as an easy cluck and purr call.  The Lone Hen 2.5 is great for an old gobbler looking for a young innocent hen.  

Lone Hen 2.5 Specs

  • 2.5 Reed
  • Batwing Cut
  • Easy clucks and purrs
  • High pitched young hen
  • intermediate call

The Lone Hen 2.5 reed batwing call is a great call for imitating a young hen and great with clucks and purrs.  Get yours today!




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