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Lady's Night Turkey Mouth Call

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The Lady's Night turkey mouth call is designed for a perfect cut sound.

The Lady's night turkey mouth call has 3 thin latex reeds with one notch cutaway on the top reed. This mouth call is an easier call to blow but will still hold a great pitch and tone. Legacy Calls designed this call for excited hen cuts to get that big gobbler fired up. Perfect for eastern turkeys this cutter call is a must-have when the turkeys are gobbling hard. The cut on the Ladys Night makes it an easy call to blow and is perfect for the novice or intermediate caller.

Lady's Night Mouth Call Specs:

  • 3-reed
  • easy use
  • cutter call
  • cuts and yelps
  • gets them fired up
  • intermediate or novice
  • great call for Easterns

Grab the Ladys Night turkey mouth call today before it's too late.



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