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Hot Sauce | Diaphragm Turkey Calls | Tom Teasers

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Hot Sauce Turkey Mouth Calls from Tom Teasers Are Made To Sound The Realistic On The Market

The hot sauce diaphragm mouth calls are handmade to perfection to guarantee you the perfect turkey sounds. They are pressed in the united states so they proudly wear the made in America made tag. Tom teases uses only the best available materials on the market when crafting the hot sauce call. Their latex, tape, and frames are a step above the rest. By keeping the making process consistent, it has allowed keeping the beautiful turkey sounds consistent with the calls they make. The turkey sounds produced with the hot sauce turkey call from Tom Teasers are so realistic and perfect for driving those toms wild. 

Be prepared for your next turkey hunting trip with the hot sauce diaphragm mouth calls from Tom Teasers. The sounds that come from these calls are guaranteed to call in more turkeys. We cant shoot them for you, but with a Tom Teasers mouth call we will at least get them close enough to you for you to kill. 

Hot Sauce Mouth Call Specs:

  • Versatile turkey call delivers calls with great backbone
  • Helps you deliver aggressive yelps and cuts to soft tree yelps and purrs
  • 3-reed call - red top reed over 2 prophylactic reeds
  • Hand Pressed and Made In the USA

Have the right mouth call for the job to limit out your turkeys this season. Shop our large selection of tom teasers calls and get your hot sauce today.



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