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Heart Attack 4 Reed Mouth Call | Legacy Calls

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The Heart Attack 4 reed mouth call from Legacy Game Calls is a loud crisp turkey call.

The Heart Attack diaphragm call is comprised of four ultra thin latex reeds.  The top reed is cut into a V shape with both sides in tact.  The V cut call is a versatile call that is not for the novice caller.  Cuts, yelps, keekees, clucks, and purrs are all sounds that this mouth call can produce.  This call sounds like an older hen that will instill confidence even with the most cautious turkeys. The Heart Attack is a great call for windy days when you need to reach out and pierce through the wind to reach that gobbler.

Heart Attack Call Specs

  • 4 reed
  • ultra thin latex
  • V cut
  • older hen
  • very versatile
  • experienced callers

Put the Heart Attack mouth call from Legacy Calls in your call kit for this upcoming season.




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