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Green Pumpkin Tungsten Flipping Weights

$ 4.99

Green Pumpkin Tungsten Flipping Weights Are Perfect For Bass Fishing

Our new line of green pumpkin tungsten flipping weights are the perfect lead alternative for bass fishing. Our flipping weights are smaller than traditional lead weights and more compact because of their higher density of tungsten. They are perfect for fishing around structure because they have a smaller profile. This prohibits them from getting snagged or stuck in structure. Tungsten is harder than lead which is one reason they last longer than lead. They produce a better sound in the water when they hit against rocks or metal. Our weights are coated with our HFDCoat making them chip resistant and better looking with their green pumpkin finish. One of the main reasons bass anglers will love fishing with our pumpkin green tungsten flipping weights is their increased sensitivity they help produce. Our flipping weights are insert free and they will not fray your line like some cheap alternatives. They are the perfect tungsten weight for punching through thick cover.

If you love bass fishing and want to want to protect it for future generations then fishing with tungsten is a must. Our pumpkin green flipping weights are eco-friendly and will help preserve the environment. Our mission since day one has been to save the lakes we love so much. We have started the "Release A Bass Mission" in order to save our waterways. For every 3 packs of bass jigs or tungsten weights sold we release a baby bass back into the wild. Not only will you get the best bass jigs or bass weights but you are putting largemouth bass back into the wild. 

Buy Three. Release One.

Green Pumpkin Tungsten Flipping Weight Specs:

  • 97% Pure Tungsten
  • Insert Free
  • Leads Alternative
  • Eco Friendly
  • Patent-Pending HFDCoat
per pack  Weight
4 3/16oz
3 1/4oz
3 3/8oz
2 1/2oz
2 3/4oz
2 1oz


Get your green pumpkin tungsten flipping weights today.



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