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Fatal Attraction Right Sided V Cut | Legacy Calls

$ 10.99

The Fatal Attraction mouth call is a 4 reed latex call with a V cut with the side side cut away.

The Fatal Attraction mouth call is made by Legacy Calls.  One of the top selling calls we carry this diaphragm call is made with 4 super thin latex reeds.  A V cut is made in the top reed then the ride side is cut away.  This allows for a wide array of sounds and variations to be produced using the center and both sides of the call.  This call can whine, whistle, yelp, cut, keekee, purr, and also has a perfect bubble cluck.  The Fatal Attraction call is made for the experienced turkey caller that wants to sound just like the hen he wants.  

Fatal Attraction Specs

  • 4 Reed
  • V cut with right side cut away
  • Thin Latex
  • Experienced Callers
  • Produces all calls
  • Top Seller

The Fatal Attraction mouth call from Legacy Calls is the perfect all around call that will help you bag more turkeys this year.



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