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Electric Shock Cobia Jig

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Electric Shock Cobia Jig Is A Custom Jig That Anglers Prefer When Cobia Fishing

The Electric Shock Cobia Jig is made from bucktail and feathers.  This Yellow Cobia Jig comes in two different head styles.  The Squid head, which is made for casting to surface cobia on rays and sharks. The Bugeye style cobia jig head is for dropping onto wrecks and reefs to pull cobia up and off structure.  Both styles of jig heads come in 1.5 oz all the way to 3oz.  

This is a great color to use early morning and late evening with the yellow color.  A yellow colored jig is a must have for cobia fishing.  Sometimes its all about the color the Cobia fish want to eat that day.  If you have a fish that refuses to eat, try a different color or live bait. With a SSDT 8/0 hook, which is the most popular cobia hook for todays cobia anglers, this cobia jig is built to last in the USA.  

Electric Shock Cobia Jig Specs:

  • Size: 1 1/2oz, 2oz, 2.5oz and 3oz Cobia Jigs
  • Color: Electric Shock
  • Head Style: Bugeye Bomber, Squid Head
  • Hook: SSDT 8/0 Hook
  • Package Size: 1 Jig

Our electric shock cobia jig is the ultimate jig for cobia fishing, so get yours today and be ready for your next fishing trip.  



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