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Green Chartreuse Sheepshead Jigs

$ 5.99

The Green Chartreuse Sheepshead Jigs Are Guaranteed To Catch More Sheepshead

The green chartreuse sheepshead jigs are a swing jig perfect for catching sheepshead. These are one of the best inshore jigs to hit the market for sheepshead fishing. At hunting and fishing depot we have conducted countless hours into what works best for sheepshead and feel confident we have come up with an exceptional jig.

The chartreuse sheepshead jigs works exceptionally well when vertical jigging. Many anglers choose to jig them near pylons, rocks, jetties and sea walls. The swing jig hold your hook in the vertical position putting it in the best spot for a sheepshead hookup. Anglers dress their sheepshead jigs with many different baits. Mussles, clams, crab, oysters, barnicles, fiddler crabs and shrimp are the most common used. The octopus hook is perfect for penetrating the back shell of a fiddler withour killing it. It is this combination in the water that makes it irresistable to nearby sheepshead fish.

The Chartreuse sheepshead jigs is available in four different sizes, 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz lead football jig. These sizes have been tested and have proven to be successful time and time again. They have been painted with some of the best lure paint on the market to ensure it will withstand the elements. Each sheepshead jig is equipped with a 2/0 Mustad Octopus hook perfect for penetrating the hard bony mouths of the sheepshead fish. Each back sold from Hunting and Fishing Depot features 3 jig heads. We are confident you will learn to love our jigs. We can not catch you the fish but we will set you up for success.

Chartreuse Sheepshead Jigs Specs:

  • Color: Chartreuse
  • Jig Style: Swing Jig
  • Jig Weight: 1/4oz, 3/8oz, 1/2oz, and 1oz
  • Hook Size: 2/0 Mustad Octopus Hook
  • Pack Size: 3 Jigs Per Pack

Get your chartreuse sheepshead jigs today and be stocked for your next fishing trip.



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