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Brown PVC Coated Wire For Decoy Rigs

$ 12.99

The Best Decoy Wire Is Our Brown PVC Coated Wire Perfect For All Rigging

Our brown PVC coated wire is the ultimate decoy rigging lines. If you love to make your own decoy rigs then use the best decoy wire on the market. Our durable and dependable PVC coated cable is made to withstand the elements.

Brown PVC Coated Wire Specs:

  • Color: Brown
  • Wire: 7x7 strand 304 stainless steel cable
  • Size: Bare Cable OD 1/16in (1.59mm) and PVC Coated OD 3/32in (2.38mm)
  • Strength:480lbs
  • Coating: PVC
  • Anti-Oxidation: Resistant to water, rust, and ultraviolet rays

Get your Brown PVC Coated Wire today and start making your own decoy rigs.



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